Belotti, CorSport: “The new goal for the Roma attack”

BELOTTI CORSPORT – Despite the one-step transfer to France at Monaco, Gallo Belotti could still remain in Serie A. Following the symbolic experience in Turin with Turin, he ended up in the crosshairs of Mourinho’s Rome, as reported by the edition today of Il Corriere dello Sport.

Belotti, CorSport: “The former grenade is the new target for Roma’s attack”


Below are the words reported by the well-known Italian newspaper:

Suggestions and reality are intertwined in the research. Roma want a striker to satisfy José Mourinho’s goal request, who, however, knows he has to wait for Zaniolo’s (eventual) departure to aspire to the Great Shot. Meanwhile, on Sunday, Tiago Pinto met Ola Solbakken, went and returned from Norway in a few hours on purpose to finalize the agreement.

But Mourinho wants more. For this reason, a name that can mediate the different needs is Andrea Belotti, also released. It is rumored that he received a call directly from Mourinho, who has been a fan of him for a long time. But this is not necessarily true.

Certainly Belotti had been sought by Tiago Pinto already last year, when Turin was selling it for 30 million. And also in the last few days there has been a contact with the entourage, which in fact is taking time before accepting the offer for a three-year contract from Monaco.

The operation is reasonably priced. It is a profile to follow, because in this market of waiters so many good players struggle to relocate even though they cost zero cards “.

Edoardo Riccio 

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