Meret, CorSport: “Alex will collect Ospina’s legacy at Napoli”

MERET CORSPORT – Considered the thorniest puzzle to be solved in recent weeks, finally the soap opera seems to be over: Meret will be the goalkeeper between the blue posts, as also confirmed by today’s edition of Il Corriere dello Sport.

Meret, CorSport: “Here is the next starting goalkeeper for Napoli”

Meret (Naples)

Below are the words reported by the well-known Italian newspaper:

David Ospina is preparing to become the new goalkeeper of Al Nassr and has also been to Arabia to fix all the details, while Alex Meret is ready to leave for Dimaro’s retreat: where, according to Napoli, is expected to sign the contract renewal until 2027.

Who goes and who stays: past and future. And so I don’t plan that in Alex’s specific case it should take off after a long wait: at the age of 25 he wants continuity, to get involved with a lot of responsibility and therefore feel at the center of the project, and after having enjoyed the extra days of vacation linked to the participation of Nations League with the national team he will present himself in Val di Sun.

At the time, by the way, Ospina’s shadow will be distant. And then even the telenovela goalkeepers is close to the end of the season ”.

Edoardo Riccio

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