Bodo-Roma, Salvione: “Roma are good at reporting the incident, Uefa will investigate”

BODO ROME, SALVIONE – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Pasquale Salvione, journalist of ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’ spoke.

Bodo-Roma, Salvione: “Roma are good at reporting the incident, Uefa will investigate”

The case of the attack in Bodø / Glimt-Rome

“We told it in detail this morning. There was an attack, denounced ‘hotly’ by Pellegrini, then the mutual accusations. An unfortunate situation that should be avoided at European level. Roma did well to report the incident and UEFA will investigate. In 2022, honestly, hearing certain scenes being told is absurd and sad ”.

There was talk of an amateur video that would demonstrate how it was Roma that started everything. Have you seen this video?

“Honestly no. If it exists, it will come out. To date we have not seen it, let’s wait. There were many Uefa inspectors, let’s see what will emerge from the investigation “.

Words, those of Pasquale Salvione, which refer to the post-match heat between Bogo / Glimt and Rome, and to the aggression reported by the captain of the Giallorossi, Pellegrini.

Rome and Bodo have already met three times this year and the Giallorossi have never managed to beat the Norwegian team, stumbling into the groups first in a sensational defeat for 6-1 and then drawing at home 2-2. The polls meant that the two teams also met in the quarter-finals of the Conference League. After Roma’s initial advantage, Bodo took the lead at the end. Everything is postponed to next Thursday at the Olimpico, where the qualification will be decided.

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