Scudetto, Pavarese: “Milan had the merits of beating Inter and Napoli. The Azzurri threw him away … “

SCUDETTO PAVARESE – Luigi Pavarese, former sporting director of Napoli, spoke at “Without Filters”, a television program conceived by Luca Cerchione and hosted by Paolo Bargiggia broadcast on Foto Ema Live (92 dgtv Campania).

Scudetto, Pavarese: “Milan had the merits of beating Inter and Napoli. The Azzurri threw him away … “

“Scudetto? Fluctuating championship, the three contenders for the Scudetto proved to suffer from the height of the standings, Milan had the merit of beating Inter and Napoli. This should already be enough to give him the merits of the victory. The blues threw him out. it would have been enough to play Napoli in Empoli and against Roma, at least to play for the Scudetto until the end. On the Inter market? I have faith in the work that Marotta will do. A work already started in January with the arrival of Gosens. And I believe that Perisic’s growth is closely linked to the arrival of the Dutchman, a sort of motivation to keep improving. Milan, by virtue of the premature victory, will have to accelerate the growth process. Sin? Ideal identikit for Udinese, I am very intrigued with Pierpaolo Marino.

Referees? It is right to give space to young people, the Sozza season is the confirmation. Also the confirmation of Orsato, one of the best referees. I believe that the referee appointed for the next World Cup final is by right, given the absence of Italy. About the clashes in La Spezia? Whoever is responsible for organizing the matches knows how their supporters are structured. Were the persons in charge of public order in the La Spezia Prefecture unaware of the risks that could be run? “.

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