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Serie A tickets are always in great demand and matches sell out quickly. A Priority Points scheme is used to release tickets in phases to fans who already hold a certain number of points, based on their attendance at previous matches.

Tickets are rarely available on general sale, although occasionally hospitality options might be an option for supporters who don’t qualify to buy under the Priority Points scheme.


In the case of temporary disability, which implicates assistance tools such as crutches or similar instruments, access to the ticketed area will only take place once a medical certificate that attests that the individual in question is able to correctly ambulate with the help of the instrument mentioned in the certificate. If this certificate cannot be provided the individual will have to sit in the section of the stadium reserved for disabled people (subject to availability).


The following regulations apply to individuals only. Institutions, associations and centres are to directly contact the club in advance of the desired match in in order to verify the availability of the places, as well as to deal with access requirements.
Tickets for disabled supporters will not be sold through the usual channels. Instead, you will have to request accreditation via E-mail (at the address or fax (+39 051 6111122) in accordance to the dates and times published on this page corresponding to the match in question. Early accreditation requests will not be accepted.
The accreditation requests have to be attached with legible copies of the disability certificate (which has to be 75% or more) and appropriate ID.
For those who have right to a carer, it is necessary to send the aforementioned documents for them as well. For disabled people who cannot ambulate on their own, signed responsibility clearance has to be submitted (please download it here).
The requests that meet the requirements will be accepted on a first come first served basis until capacity has been reached.


“Bologna For Community” is a social initiative started by Bologna Fc 1909 S.p.A., in collaboration with PMG Italia – La Mobilità Garantita and Io Sto Sto Con…Il Sorriso Solidale ONLUS, to bring people of all different abilities to participate in Bologna Fc life.
Bologna Fc 1909 and PMG Italia are working to guarantee free transport to the Renato Dall’Ara stadium on gamedays at home for disabled people who, in their absence, can not or have great difficulty making it to the stadium.
Who it’s aimed at:
• Disabled season ticket holders and their accompanying carers
• Accreditation for disabled season ticket holders and their accompanying carers.
• Accreditation for disabled persons with limited mobility/non-ambulatory and accompanying persons, if any
There are 3 entrance and exit zones for the Renato Dall’Ara stadium. Fans can choose the most convenient and local area.
• BOLOGNA WEST: Borgo Shopping Centre Entrance (entrance from via Emilia – free parking opposite the Q8 petrol station on Via Marco Emilio Lepido 184)
• BOLOGNA CENTRAL: Lame Shopping centre Car Park, across from the main entrance
• BOLOGNA EAST: Piazzale Atleti Azzurri d’Italia 1, parking at the “Gianni Falchi” stadium


Regardless of age, the regulations state that every spectator has to have purchased a ticket to gain entry to the stadium.
Concessions will need to provide suitable ID for the ticket purchased in order to gain access to the stadium: Children under-14 can alternatively provide tax code, health card, a form of identification released by the city hall or the passport of a parent that also includes the personal details of the minor. It has been possible to request ID for children under the age of 15 from April 2011: we strongly advise requesting it.


Accreditation requests for scouts will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The request has to be submitted:
• on club-headed paper;
• the request must contain all personal data (surname, name and date of birth);
• Serie A sides can send a maximum of two scouts, whereas Serie B sides can send one (subject to availability);
• the request has to arrive by 12:00 two working days before the match (Thursday for games taking place on Sunday).
Unless directly agreed upon, no accreditations will be issued for clubs from Lega Pro and lower categories. The procedure for collecting confirmed accreditations will be specified on the match page.
Accreditation requests for future matches will not be taken into consideration, only for the next game on the schedule.


Accreditation requests are EXCLUSIVELY by completing the online form whose link is present on the page of the match, only on the days and times published on that page. Future requests will not be approved.
Requests have to be accompanied by the 2021 pass on top of an identity document. Places will be assigned in order of request and subject to availability. Expired passes will not be taken into consideration.
The procedure of collecting confirmed accreditations, from time to time, will be specified on the page dedicated to the match.

The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is a delegate from the club that is responsible for relations with the fans.

Mirco Sandoni fulfils this position at Bologna FC 1909. His job is to inform the club’s management of problems related to the supporters, consult the club on such matters and to guarantee a communication channel between club and fans.
Email for any questions.

Accreditation Requests

Please send all of your accreditation requests for Bologna FC’s home games ONLY to the e-mail address All requests have to be sent before Wednesday at 12:00 CET for weekend games and Saturday at 12:00 for midweek games. All requests have to be made on headed paper by the head of editorial for the media company you are representing and must indicate the name, surname, place of birth, date of birth and press card number of the journalist who will be attending the game. All passes can be collected at the press point at Via dello Sport (50 metres away from the entrance to the press area).

Newspapers and press agencies

Access to the press area and conference room is only available to members of the professional journalists union. The access is limited to the press stand, mixed zone and conference room.
Apart from those TV stations which have acquired broadcasting rights either from the Lega Calcio or from Bologna FC 1909, all other TV stations that haven’t acquired any broadcasting rights can request accreditation (news broadcasting rights) for a journalist and a technician only. A specific authorisation from the Lega Calcio needs to also be attached. All TV devices will have to be left in a specific room of the press area, designated by Bologna FC, and can be collected after the game to be used in the conference room and in the mixed zone only.

Radio stations

Apart from those radio stations which have acquired broadcasting rights either from the Lega Calcio or from Bologna FC 1909, all other radio stations that haven’t acquired any broadcasting rights can request accreditation (news broadcasting rights) for a journalist only. A specific authorisation from the Lega Calcio needs to also be attached.

Access to the sidelines is allowed for photographers who have been authorised by the Lega Calcio for the 2018/19 Serie A season. Access is limited to the sidelines. All photographers are subject to the Lega Calcio disciplinary code for the 2018/19 Serie A season.
All professional journalists in possession of a CONI card will have to request accreditation as specified above.

We Are One Card


Use the web procedure to fill in the forms and send photos at this link. The card will then be sent to your home address, but it is immediately active for purchasing season tickets or digital tickets (while waiting for it to be delivered, you can use the barcode on the receipt for admission to the stadium).


Go to a special sales point (see list below) where you can follow the following steps for the immediate issue of the Siamo Rossoblù card:

the operator will capture the applicant’s photo via webcam;
the applicant must provide the operator with a legible photocopy of his/her identity document, provide his/her social security number and sign the provided forms;

Attention: for a minor, the signature must be provided by a parent or guardian, who must provide the minor’s identity card or health card, as well as the details of his or her own identity document;
upon successful completion of all the operations described above, the new Card shall be immediately produced and handed over to the Cardholder and shall be immediately active.
List of available sales locations

Dal Divinos, via A.Costa 204 (mon-sat 6-21, sun 7-13)
Luca Elettronica, via Emilia Levante 80/b, Bologna

The We Are One card costs 10 Euros with an additional shipping cost, no added cost for cards issued at sales locations.
In the event of a card malfunction (the card does not open the turnstile or is not recognised by the sales circuits) contact the BFC BEFORE requesting a new card by writing to

Some cards will expire over the course of the season.

If a subscription is loaded on the card

the old card will still be valid for access to the stadium until a new one is purchased or until the end of the regular season (last league game), while it will not be valid for purchasing away tickets.
NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE REGULAR SEASON, the cardholder must apply for a new card (see section ‘when and where to apply’) and perform the title transfer (at this link, section ‘Fidelity Card’, then select ‘Replacement’)
If there is no subscription loaded on the card, simply request a new one (see section ‘when and where to buy’)

Whoever obtains a new card to replace the old one (due to expiry or theft/loss) and is a season ticket holder must obligatorily and promptly BY NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE REGULAR SEASON follow the online procedure to transfer the title from the old to the new card at this link. Once the transfer is complete, the holder must reprint the placeholder (on which the TDT number is printed) by following this link.

In case of problems with the online procedure, contact BFC by direct e-mail stating:

The old card ID number (027xxxxxxxxx)
The new card ID number (027xaaaaaaaa)
last name, first name, date and place of birth of the owner
section, row and seat of the membership

Card requested via the web are already active and can be used immediately, even without physical possession of the card, to purchase season tickets and tickets by simply using the code. While waiting for the card to be delivered to your home, you will be able to use the replacement coupon on the receipt to enter the stadium on match day.

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