Budel on Cagliari: “It will not be easy for the Sardinians to join the Minor League”

BUDEL, ON CAGLIARI – The former Alessandro Budel spoke to TmW about some of his views on the world of Cagliari’s Serie B, but not only today.


What do you think of the relegated Cagliari?
“He must try to restart strong and win back the category. On a psychological level it will not be easy ”.

The next Serie B will not be easy, Parma are trying to restart. With what prospects?
“Parma have been burned a lot this year, next year they can do better, they will want revenge, they are a titled team and they will give it their all”.

Is there any youngster in Serie B that you like?
“I liked Tramonti, it was a shame for Brescia to lose him. Hjulmand also had a good championship he is a good player and we will hear a lot about him ”.

What are the prospects for Brescia?
“I was expecting a lot more, he lacked personality and the change of manager also had an impact. A little disappointed me. This year will be more difficult than last year. In front he must reinforce himself with a double-digit attacker. Clotet is a welcome return, he has experience in the category, even if it still remains a bet ”.

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