Chiellini: “Juventus and Italy are part of my life, I hope the fans remember me as a good person”

Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus defender, made some statements to the microphones of the official Uefa website. Here is an excerpt from the defender’s words.

Chiellini: “Juventus and Italy are part of my life, I hope the fans remember me as a good person”

NATIONAL –  It went without a doubt better than I could ever have imagined. When you are a child you dream of playing for the national team, because it is the best that a player can achieve. Playing more than 100 games in 18 years with the Azzurri, being captain and lifting an important cup like the one I won last year at Wembley, was the icing on the cake.

I hope the fans remember me as a good person. A person who embodied certain values. I have strengths and weaknesses on the pitch, and someone will remember them both. In the long run, they always remember the most beautiful things, it is normal.

GOODBYE TO THE NATIONAL TEAM – I will especially miss the locker room. I used to be young, now I’m more mature, but I have fun with young guys. They give me energy and I feel really good sharing the locker room with them. Of course off the pitch we have completely different lives due to the age difference. I will also miss the energy and lightheartedness they have. I will definitely miss all of these dynamics. I’ve just experienced it with Juventus, so I know more or less what to expect. It’s a second goodbye; these were my two great loves of my life, two great love stories. I played 17 years with Juventus and 18 years with the national team: they were a fundamental part of my life.

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