Milan, Pioli: “We have to win every match. On the sale of the club and the injured … “

MILAN PIOLI – Stefano Pioli, Milan coach, made some statements to the microphones of Tuttomercatoweb, in a press conference, on the eve of Inter-Milan.

Milan, Pioli: “We have to win every match. On the sale of the club and the injured … “

“Will the group help to overcome the difficulties tomorrow? We all focus on team play: the more cohesive you are, the more united you are, the more you are willing to sacrifice yourself, the more you do well. Yesterday we had a good time, we took the opportunity to be together as often happens. But what matters will be tomorrow’s match. A medical bulletin? Calabria and Romagnoli we will see today. Calabria had some difficulties yesterday, but today he should train. Romagnoli has not yet trained with the team, today we will see. Gabbia has had only one fatigue: he is fine. Are we under high positive pressure?
We have to win all the games if we want to fight to the end. I see a very focused and very motivated team.

Can tomorrow’s derby affect the championship? No. We know very well what the championship path must be regardless of tomorrow. Tomorrow we will do our best, but the championship is another type of path: we have to think that we can win all the games from here to the end. Have you talked about the rumors about the sale? We have not talked about it and nothing and no one will be able to grasp our concentration for the championship finale. The club is very close to us, yesterday it was present. Milan’s present is very solid and the future could be even better “.

On the development of the game

“What game are you expecting? The details will make the difference. We should play with great attention and concentration for the entire 90 minutes. We have our qualities. Inter in the open field can be very dangerous, but then a lot depend on the various readings we will do during the match. How is the flame within the team? The flame is on, but it is under control; I rightly see the players very focused, attentive and motivated in confirming what positive we are doing.

Is it weird to play the second leg two months after the first leg? It is useless to think about it. We had one of the best derbies in the first leg, but tomorrow things will be different. How’s Rebic doing? Every player must feel decisive. We must play thinking that every ball we touch can be the decisive one. Rebic is fine and can be decisive. Can beating Inter in the Cup help? The reference point is ourselves. We have to do our best to get through last season and helping in the Coppa Italia final already means doing better than last season. Then the fact that Inter are in front of us is an even greater stimulus. What matters is to overcome ourselves “.

On the defensive phase and the trocar

“Milan haven’t scored in 7 games … Not conceding goals is very important. It surprises me a bit, also because we take some risks in the defensive phase because of our way of playing … We have all grown up and we must continue with this attitude. Tomorrow we will face high quality players: the attention must be of a high level. Will the away goal rule guide your attitude? Our attitude has always been very similar against Inter. It’s hard not to leave dangerous situations to such strong players; they have positions that will force us to run a lot. Then we have a strategy and we will try to bring it onto the pitch, with great quality both when we have the ball and when they have it. Basically: prevent the danger.

On the trocar? I agree on the reading. For Inter’s qualities it is important to cover Brozovic, so it is much more likely that one of the two will play tomorrow rather than Diaz from the start. Is Theo attacking differently? I think it’s for the opponent and for the strategy we have adopted. Isolating Leao in 1v1 against a central defender can be an advantage. Theo has the qualities to play inside or outside, but he has to be more careful about losing fewer balls when he brings the ball into the field ”.

Davide D’Alessio


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