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Euroleague Fantasy Football Mantra: the best midfielders to take at auction

Discover the best midfielders to take at auction for your Fantasy Football Euroleagues MANTRA

Photo LiveMedia/Matthieu Mirville Paris, France, January 15, 2022, French football Ligue 1 match Paris Saint-Germain vs Stade Brestois (Brest) Image shows: Marco VERRATTI of PSG and Irvin CARDONA of Brest during the French championship Ligue 1 football match between Paris Saint-Germain and Stade Brestois (Brest) on January 15, 2022 at Parc des Princes stadium in Paris, France LiveMedia - World Copyright

Midfielders MANTRA Bundesliga

BAYERN MUNICH – Goretzka (M): A key player for this Bayern. A very strong midfielder (M), Goretzka is able to give joy and satisfaction… and bonuses: 4 goals and 5 assists in Euroleague for him. Capable of excellent insertions without the ball, gives valuable plays for the teammates, called only to finalize. Top role.

Goretzka (Bayern Monaco)
Goretzka (Bayern Monaco)

LEIPZIG – Moriba (C): Last season at Barcelona he didn’t disfigure. Ilaix immediately showed great technical and athletic skills, “phrasing” with Messi and veteran companions. Arrived at Leipzig with the aim of becoming an immovable regular, the premises are more than positive: to take.

BORUSSIA DORTMUND – Witsel (M): Metronomo, Matchmaker in decisive moments: one of those players that we all want in the squad. At Mantra his role as M makes him even more interesting. Mantristi, you know what to do…!

Witsel (Dortmund)
Witsel (Dortmund)

BAYER LEVERKUSEN – Amiri (C-W-T): Just look at his heel goal against Eintracht to understand who we are talking about, but it’s just one of the magic that you will see in Euroleagues. This guy, equipped with great technique, is able to play on the whole front of the midfield and the three quarter. More assists man than goleador: 5 assists and 2 goals for him. In the Mantra a real wild card (C-W-T) that could be appealing even in leagues not very numerous.

WOLFSBURG – Arnold (M): Talented footballer, complete midfielder able to make the two stages. True talent on the set pieces, in Mantra could be one of the best M in value-for-money: bet on him.

BORUSSIA M’GLADBACH – Neuhaus (C;T): This guy has always talked about himself with top performance despite being only 24 years old. Last year he scored 6 goals and 4 assists, he knows how to enter and how to try wih the wide-range shot. The only flaw, the yellow cards, but a profile like his absolutely deserves to be noticed, despite the penalties, in fact, has a fantasy average of 6.83. In numerous leagues he could even be your regular and you will not regret him.

Midfielders MANTRA Premier

ARSENAL – Saka (W): This summer his mistake from the penalty spot gave Italy the victory of the European 2020, but it is not from these details that you judge a player: must be taken into account courage, altruism and imagination. All qualities that Saka possesses, despite being only 20 years old. For him 5 goals last season, nothing exceptional, but the loot could increase. Pull him from the neck of the shirt and do not let him escape.

ASTON VILLA – Mcginn (C): The Scotsman is a real headache for the opposing defenses, able to insert and strike with great effectiveness. Sense of insertion, structured physique and excellent technique. He plays with grit and “catapults” on each ball with considerable intensity. If you need a leader who can play on a “punta di fioretto“, help yourself…

Havertz-Mount (Chelsea)
Havertz-Mount (Chelsea)

CHELSEA – Mount (T): Attacking midfielder, offensive mid-winter, outside of attack: little changes. Mason has exceptional qualities and a champion head. He knows how to sew the game, he provides “al bacio” passes for his teammates and he has a very precise wide range shoot. Star of the Chelsea champion of Europe, his name can only be in our notebooks.

EVERTON – Doucoure (C): A midfielder with great physique but also good technique. The former Watford is not just any player and could become your “trusted tank”.

LEEDS – Dallas (E;C): Bielsa arranges him as a full-back, outside midfield, trequartista or half-back: a real wild card. In any position of the field, he manages to be dangerous in the goal zone: 8 goals scored last year and 38 games out of 38 played by his club. A stakanovista who could give us many satisfactions. To buy without hesitation.

LEICESTER CITY – Tielemans (C): Monaco’s midfielder has become a 360-degree footballer. The maturation of the Belgian is visible to everyone: technique, quality, great shot and leadership of the midfield. A fairy-footed leader we can’t let slip away. One of his goals allowed Leicester to raise the first FA Cup in history and could be very useful for our fantasy teams.

LIVERPOOL – Henderson (M;C): The captain of the Reds is the real soul of the team. Always on the ball, he does not give up from the first to the last minute. he is not a name that carries special bonuses, but in numerous leagues he can be a regular that will not disfigure.

Foden (Manchester City)
Foden (Manchester City)

MANCHESTER CITY – Foden (W;T): Born in 2000, already for several seasons a real protagonist of the European panorama. Last year he scored 7 goals and served 3 assists to his teammates. He’s not a regular starter, but it doesn’t matter, a midfielder with his numbers is always convenient. At Mantra for those who use a module that includes various players of the three quarter can be a decisive factor. Let’s rely on him.

MANCHESTER UNITED – Pogba (C;T): One of the most important names in the entire list: goal sense, wide range shoot and plays to applause. Paul is one of those players that makes you fall in love with football. In three games the Octopus has already put to report 5 assists and for those who use the qualitative assists, could end up with many bonuses day after day.

Pogba (Manchester United)
Pogba (Manchester United)

TOTTENHAM – Hojbjerg (M;C): Ubiquitous. He runs, sets, recovers, launches, inserts, scales on the band and all this for 90 and more minutes. A complete midfielder with still plenty of room for improvement. If he manages to increase the realizations in the span of a season he will become one of the world’s top of the role. It’s just a short time matter.

WEST HAM UNITED – Soucek (M): A thick midfielder: he defends, covers, inserts, attacks and scores. For him 10 goals last year, amazing numbers for an incontrista. A real devil in the penalty area opponent. In the Mantra you will hardly find an M of this caliber. Top of the list.

Midfielders MANTRA Liga

BARCELONA – F. De Jong (M;C): Last season he was able to alternate his innate skill in weaving the game with concreteness and decision when he had to play the role of center back. If Pique and Garcia give guarantees, he will be able to express himself in the role that is most suitable to him and in which he is one of the best in Europe. His purchase would be a nice hit: in a Mantra league would also be the case to draw to an extra budget.

De Jong (Barcellona)
De Jong (Barcellona)

ATLETICO MADRID – M. Llorente (W;T): Just a few facts: Marcos brought 12 goals and 11 assists to the Colchoneros last season. Full-back, outside, winger, side forward… indispensable for Simeone and also for any mantra league.

REAL MADRID – Casemiro (M): Always there in the middle of the field to lead the time schedule, to recover balls, to give help in defense, and also to reach some “heavy” goals. Essential for the Blancos and also for a Mantra team: among the most prestigious M in the list.

Casemiro (Real Madrid)
Casemiro (Real Madrid)

SEVILLE – Fernando Reges (M): “Man of order” of the midfield, breakwaters in front of the defense, if necessary added defender. Precious footballwise, less fantasy-footballwise… unless yours is a Mantra league! In this style of play, in fact, the M are rare merchandise and to ensure a guaranteed performance as Reges would be very usefull.

VILLAREAL – Parejo (C): Dani no longer has that leadership of the Valencian times and is not the designated rigorista but he remains a respectable player and it would be good to have him in the battalion of yours midfielders.

Midfielders MANTRA Ligue 1

LILLE – Ikone (W;A): Undoubtedly the most talented man in Lille. Number 10 who knows how to hold the ball, verticalize, send in goal the teammates and put it inside. He won’t always be on the line from the first minute, but we’ll hardly see him sitting on the bench for the entire 90 minutes. He’s not a bomber, but he’s already ushered in the new season with a goal. In the Mantra (his role W-A) it would be excellent in rotations in modules such as 3-4-2-1 which needs many men of the three-quarter.

NICE – Boudaoui (C-W-T): Outside in midfield, intermediate or offensive outside, this Algerian boy knows how to do everything and in an excellent way. Technically gifted, good at one-on-one, and with a good wide-range shoot, all “seasoned” with a real predisposition to serve important assists. Especially in the Mantra (C-W-T) his purchase is recommended for any league.

Tchouameni (Monaco)
Tchouameni (Monaco)

MONACO – Tchouameni (M;C): Impressive growth for the French class of 2001. He’s not a goleador or an easy bonus man, but if he improves his technique we may find ourselves in squad a “raw pearl”. Last year in Euroleagues he scored 2 goals and served 2 assists: as a starting point it is not bad.

PARIS SAINT GERMAIN – Verratti (M;C): Our Marco presents himself at the Euroleagues as European Champion. This could be the year of a new start, ready to “dialogue” with Messi and the other stars in the field, he could give sumptuous +1. Often criticized, snubbed, now is the time to count on him. Mantra’s role as Median will allow us to spend some extra credit: having it in squad could be a very good bargain.

Under (Marsiglia)
Under (Marsiglia)

OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE – C.Under (W;A): Two games, two goals. The best debut could not be for the Turk who in Marseilles could live his best career moment. Rapid, with an excellent shot, knows how to close the action. In the Mantra his role makes him even more attractive. To take note.

LYON – Aouar (C;T): Technician, quick, able to enter dangerously in the opposing defenses and hurt. A complete midfielder that all European teams would like. Last year was not his best season: in Euroleague… 7 goals and 3 assists in 22 appearances: think what he is able to do when he is in a state of grace. Big indeed.

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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