Fantacalcio Italia, the most complete Fantacalcio Classic in Italy

Discovering Fantacalcio Italia, one of the most complete fantasy football portals present, reference point for fantasy coaches

Fantacalcio Italy
Fantacalcio Italy

Fantacalcio Italia is one of the most complete portals of fantacalcio available online, representing a point of reference for fantasy coaches. In the portal, you can choose the preferred game mode. Once registered, the user can decide to create, in a way totally free, a private league to play with other friends or to “raise the stakes”, participating in the championships of Serie A, Champions, and Europa League, in competition with all other users of the site. This mode requires a small entry fee and the availability of juicy and important prizes.

How is Fantacalcio Italia different from other Fantacalcio sites?

The truly unique factor is represented by the EVOLUTION mode; the management of your team now assumes connotations of role-playing and/ or management whose winning factors also depend on greater strategic planning throughout the football season, simulating in every way the leadership of a football club. This gives the fantasy coach a more complete managerial experience and in which the long-term strategic ability is decisive. Evolution mode differs from the proper classic fantasy football schemes. The performance of the team depends not only on the scores obtained by the players but also on new factors such as Stadium, Popularity, Staff, and Game Tactics.

What is Evolution

The “fantasy football player” has always and only covered the role of coach of his own fantasy-team. The main task was to choose your squad and put them in the best way possible, exploiting their characteristics and potential. From these come the choices of the module used, if to prefer the “4 men” defense to take advantage of the defensive bonus or to line up a 3-4-3 with a stronger midfield and close to the goal. But why we should stop only at this vision of the game that limits many other aspects instead than a complete team management?

Fantacalcio Italia wanted to evolve the game by expanding the management of a real football club. The choice of the squad and the owners will no longer be the only “hinges” on which the game is based. We thought of four new factors (or areas of relevance) that affect the profit of a football club: Stadium, Populity, Staff and Game Tactics. Increasing the experience in these four fields will also increase the output of your team.

The concept is similar to managerial videogames and Multilevel Games. The level of experience will increase based on the results obtained by your fantasy team; reaching certain goals (goals scored in a match, average defense rating, best scorer, etc.) you will earn EVO-Point (or Evolution Points).

EVO-Points can be invested in one (or more) of the four sectors (Stadium, Popularity, Staff, Game Tactics) to improve your team’s profit or to obtain Credits or Transfer market Exchanges additional to use in the transfer market window to buy players for your squad. Each sector will be composed of several levels, each of which will be accessible only after having reached certain performance (unlocking conditions).


What advantages can be gained

The EVO-Points can therefore be used for three basic purposes.

  • Get Additional Bonuses: By activating one or more Evolution Services, you can earn Special Bonuses related to the performance of your player or a department of your team.
  • Earn Additional Credits: these credits will be added to those already in your possession and used to buy new players during market sessions.
  • Obtaining Additional Exchange Rates: These exchange rates will be added to those available and used to carry out market operations.
  • For the last two cases, the only EVO-Points used are ONLY those earned weekly in relation to your team’s performance. The purchased EVO-Points cannot be used for these purposes.

How to use Evolution services

Each of the Evolution services can only be activated if you reach a certain goal (or Unlocked Conditions) and if you have a set amount of EVO-Point. In addition, each Evolution service can only be activated if previous Evolution Services have already been activated. For example, to activate the Tripletta service you must have previously activated the Doppietta service. Finally, you can choose to activate each service only for a day of the championship (the first match to be played after the activation of the service) or until the end of the tournament.

As already mentioned, to activate any Evolution service you must own EVO-Point. At the end of each day, each registered team will be given a quantity of EVO-Point depending on the results obtained, according to the following table:


5 EVO-Point for setting the line up
5 EVO-Point if the Goalkeeper has clean sheet
5 EVO-Point if at least one of the players scores a penalty
5 EVO-Point if at least one of the players scores a double
10 EVO-Point if at least one of the players scores a hat trick
Alternatively, each team can buy, at any time of the season, the ‘packages’ of EVO-Point, as shown in the table below:

EVO-Point packages

100 EVO-Point: 2,99€
300 EVO-Point: 7,49€
500 EVO-Point: 9,99€
1000 EVO-Point: 14,99€

Remember that the use of Evolution services is also linked to the achievement of particular thresholds (game goals), such as goals scored, general ranking score, etc.

Take the field now and play on

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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