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How to play Fantacalcio Classic Serie A Tim 2021/22: a guide for beginners

Fantacalcio Classic on is back for another season, so Italian Fantasy Football is here to give support when needed. We hope that this comprehensive guide explains you all you need to know about Fantacalcio classic.

What is Serie A Fantacalcio Classic?

Fantacalcio Classic is basically a game that assigns you the role of a fantasy manager (called Fanta Manager). This gives you the task to pick a squad of real-life football players, who score points for your team based on their performances during their own real matches.

Do I Need to play in a League?

You can start playing this game once you sign in your team in a private mini-league with other Fanta managers, they can be your friends or people who are opening a new league looking for new participants (in this case you need a referring code in order to join that league).
You can also create your own league and invite your friends. As an admin of a new league, you have a big space to customize the rules of the game.

Fanta managers can pitch their team against all of the other teams that are registered in the Fanta League. They can face each other in the so-called “Head To Head” or “All Against All” matches, where an overall ranking will be ordered according to the accumulated score of each team, Gameweek after Gameweek. In the “All Against All” competition you do not play against an opponent, but you accumulate points match by match. In the end, these points flow into a general ranking.

The Different Competitions

It’s possible to create an indefinite number of competitions in each League. They can also overlap each other. You must establish the type of competition and the schedule from the beginning. You can also launch for instance a full seasonal championship following the model of the real Serie A and at the same time the Italian Cup (Coppa Italia).

The Types of Competitions

“Calendar Competitions”: are those with round-trip matches (even multiple), similar to the Italian Serie A Championship in their structure.

“Groups Competitions”: it simulates the same organization of the Champions League, within scheduled groups. The winning teams qualify for a new phase, facing the winners of the other groups until there’s a final winner.

“One Way Competitions”: it simulates the arrangement of the Italian Cup (Coppa Italia) with a tennis scoreboard which leads, match by match, to define the winner.

“Formula 1 Competition” converges points in the general ranking, defined by a special grid released on the base of the positions that teams get during each game week.

The Playing at Home Factor

During the “Head To Head“ competitions must be established whether the home team is entitled to an extra bonus (+2 by default) which simulates the playing at home factor.

The entry score for new participants

In “All Against Allcompetitions must be agreed on what happens when a participant joins the league after the competitions have already started. The most common choice is to assign the beginners an entry score for all of the matches already played. EXAMPLE: the new participant receives 66 points for each day already played in the competition.

The choice of single or multiple football players availibility

The choice of multiple availabilities of players (the same football player can be chosen multiple times by different Fanta Managers) is generally required in the leagues where the game system is the one that we define “All Against All”.

Alternatively, the choice of single availability is the most natural one for leagues between friends, up to 12 participants (regardless of whether they are Classic or Mantra). Sometimes there are some Fanta Leagues composed of 14 teams, in this case, which is really pushing to the limit the number of the participants, the possibility of recurring to the transfer market windows session should be really frequent during the football season.

How do I Pick My Team or squad?

Fantacalcio Classic hands you to a customizable initial suggested budget (250 Fanta credits for 25 Fantacalcio classic players, 280 Fanta credits for 28 mantra players) that you can spend on your squad. If you’re new to the game this budget may seem generous, but once you take a look at the players’ list and you start selecting them, it will start to be eaten up significantly and quickly. You will find out that the most expensive players will be the attacking options from midfielders to forward positions.

How do I buy my football players?

There are two options to buy your players. Relying on the official football players’ price or giving a free market evaluation to the players (this one comes out during the auction). If you play the type of game defined as “All against All”, relying on the official prices is mandatory.

Squad Size and structure

With the classic game system, the total size of the squad and its subdivision into role categories (goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards) must be identified.
The standard setting of 25 football players follows this line:
– 3 goalkeepers
– 8 defenders
– 8 midfielders
– 6 forwards

In general, the squad size should be related to the frequency with which you can refer to the transfer market. The less frequent the transfer market sessions are, the more useful it is to strive for larger squads. With the Mantra game system, there is more freedom, only a minimum of 23 men in the squad including 2 goalkeepers must be respected. The ideal number of football players for a Mantra squad is 28/30.

Standard line ups

The standard modules are 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-4-1. Eventually, if preferred, you can extend availability to emergency modules such as 3-6-1, 6-3-1. Although in Fantacalcio Mantra the grid of modules is predefined.

The bench

Only 11 football players can start every week, it’s up to you to decide which ones are going to be left on the bench. Unlike the Mantra system, where the bench has an obligatory number (12) in the Classic Game there are many variables to be agreed upon before starting to play.
How large will the bench be? Is the distribution between roles and the selection order of substitution free or bound to a specific scheme? For example, decide if you have to respect a precise number of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards available on the bench or it’s completely up to you?

They will only come into your side if members you are starting to line up do not register a significant number of minutes to get a rating. Substitutions are automatic and will protect you whenever one or more of the eleven players you picked at the start do not play. It is very useful for last-minute injuries, untimely suspensions, postponed matches, etc. The number of available substitutions: 5 by default, but this option can be fully customized.

You can only make changes to your beginning eleven players until fifteen minutes before the start of the first game of the Gameweek. The order of the players on your bench has to be managed too. The disposition you select will be used when one of your starter players fails to get on the pitch.

Automatic changing formation option

If there is not a player available for the substitution suitable for the same role as the missing one, the formation will automatically change into the most appropriate, in order to have a new line up with a new player who can successfully take the place of the unavailable one.

Mantra Substitution Rules

The default mode is called BASIC and gives priority to the formation selected by the Fanta Manager. If the original one is not reproducible without personalization, it is possible to automatically switch to a new formation without penalization.
However, it is possible to choose between two further options:

  • EASY OPTION: a mode without formation changes. The initial game module never changes, the system at first looks for options without penalization and if this is not possible it selects the settlement with penalization.
  • MASTER OPTION: The Master Option is a mode that does not give any priority to a module over the other ones. The bench order influences the change. The hierarchical order that has been chosen will be the one that leads to the solutions without penalization which have priority.

Can I change my team once I have already picked it?

Before the beginning of the Serie A Championship season, you will participate in the auction with your friends for an agreed initial budget. Once the first deadline has passed players’ transfers are allowed and take place only during the seasonal transfer market windows, decided with the other Fanta Managers.

When should I sign new players for my team?

From the early beginnings, you have to set specific transfer market windows that you want to carry out during the fantasy football season. The number of how many transfer sessions that can take place is entirely optional.

The Types of transfermarket auctions

  • OFFLINE AUCTIONS: these are done without the aid of the game platform. Fanta managers or people who want to discover and enter the world of Fantacalcio Classic set up meetings or group chats to talk and discuss about choosing players, formations. Auctions are “on call” (which means one person per time is called to speak/choose a football player) randomely or in a selected order, this order can be alphabetical, following roles, or prices for example.
  • ORDINARY MARKETS WITH A BUDGET: it is a mandatory option in the “All Against All” game type. These are the most popular ones for those who choose the multiple availabilities of players. The users makes his/her own purchases by interacting with a list, according to the players cost.
  • AUCTIONS IN EBAY MODE: it is a system of online public auctions, managed with the typical methods of eBay through th game platform.
  • OFFERS INSIDE CLOSED ENVELOPES: each user does not know the bid made by others and in some cases, they eventualy do not even know if someone has bid for a certain player.

Numbers of player change available

For each transfer market session, a possible transfer cap must always be defined by the number of changes that a Fanta Manager can make unless the players want to make them unlimited. By the word exchange, we mean an operation made by a discard and a corresponding purchase of a new player. It has to be established if you intend to count as a change (or as an extra) a player who no longer plays in Serie A Championship.
The possibility of players’ trading: there’s the possibility of trading football players among teams.

Credits recovery

A decision has to be taken, in order to establish whether the residual credits at the end of the preseason auction will be made available for the next transfer market sessions. Then clearly state how many credits each football player’s release is entitled to you (for example half of the purchase price, the original purchase price, the current price value…). At the end of the first auction, related to the transfer market session, the player can switch, change or replace football players that have not already played, if the Fanta Manager changes his mind or his strategy, otherwise, the Fanta Manager can replace players he didn’t like during matches.

What Should I Do if my players get seriously injured or sold abroad?

You can change football players If they leave Serie A Championship or if they are seriously injured with new football players. It has to be decided if the user has the option to replace him immediately or if he is forced to wait for the next transfer market session (if there is a transfer session).

How Do I score/close points?

There are a lot of different ways to score points on Fantcalcio Classic such as goals, assists, and clean sheets, these are the most important match events. The grid below explains the details of how the player can gain points with different players’ actions. Unfortunately exist numerous ways of losing points. The addition/subtraction of points is linked to the events taking place on the pitch and to the players’ performance.

These are all customizable values and have a reference to the role: in the Classic system, the division is among goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward whereas in Mantra system only between goalkeepers and players. For instance, the user can assign +4 for goals scored by midfielders, + 5 if scored by defenders, and so on.

Each goal scored3
Each assist1
A penalty saved by a goalkeeper3
Missing a penalty-3
Every goal conceded by a goalkeeper-1
Each yellow card-0.5
Each red card-1
Each own goal-2
Bonus points for the captainTo be agreed
The decisive goal for a draw1  
The decisive goal for a victory3  
Clean sheet by a goalkeeperTo be agreed
Low-Quality assist0.5
Medium Quality assist1
High-Quality assist1.5
Different ways to score points on Fantacalcio Classic
Fanta Legend

Captain and vicecaptain (Optional)

This option allows you to select a captain and a vice-captain and to assign an additional value based on the rating obtained. It is possible to choose whether to keep a captain for the whole season otherwise it is achievable to let others have the possibility to set it for every single game. If your captain does not play the (captain) armband goes to the vice-captain. If your vice-captain does not play either, none of your players will have Captain’s benefits.

Data Sources

ROLES: in the Classic game system the list of roles is already proposed but for a limited number of role borderline players there is an editor on the platform which customizes the assignment of the player role. In the Mantra system, roles and values have a single source and there is no need to make choices.

RATINGS: it is possible to choose the source among the ones available in

ADDS ON reference source is the game website:


The traditional modifiers (defenders and midfield) are options created to enrich the tactical variety in the game system of the Fantacalcio Classic, otherwise, the user is always keen towards the most offensive scheme among those available (443). There are infinite versions of modifiers covering all the sectors of the team, from the goalkeeper to the attackers. In addition to this, the platform offers the possibility to the user of customizing the add-on/penalizations linked to the modifiers.

Modifiers are not used in the Mantra game system. On the other hand, there is a defensive factor (D- FACTOR) which even if it is similar to the classic defense modifier it has different goals: it simply pushes to invest also in the back sector of the team moving the whole spotlight from the forward one.

The scoring/goal grid

The scoring rules, a mechanism that transforms the points into goals, are key elements to be defined in leagues with “Head To Head” competitions. Instead, they are completely useless and unnecessary in “All Against All” competitions.
Below we find the set of the scoring:

  • Less than 66 points: 0 goal
  • from 66 to 71.5 points: 1 goal
  • from 72 to 77.5 points: 2 goals
  • from 78 to 83.5 points: 3 goals
  • from 84 to 89.5 points: 4 goals
  • from 90 to 95.5 points: 5 goals
  • from 96 to 101.5 points: 6 goals

To summarize there is a goal every 6 points.

The surrounding option

It can be established that if two teams are scoring points in the same range, the one with the highest score still wins if the difference in the score is more than a certain value (4 points of the score for instance). Otherwise, with teams in different scoring ranges, a situation of draw remains if the difference of the score does not exceed a certain value (4 points of the score for instance).

Postponed matches

When some matches have not been played we follow these two general cases: the matches that get postponed within the start of the next game week are considered as usual and the results will be available the day after. Otherwise, the matches that get postponed after the start of the next game week will be still considered but all of their players will be assigned a default rating of six.

Read the full GAME RULES in Italian on Ⓡ – all rights reserved

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