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Fantasy Football, the best pair of low cost goalkeepers

After seven days of Serie A it’s time to take stock of the twenty goalkeepers: among the low cost choices stand out the excellent performances of Milinkovic-Savic fromTorino and Vicario from Empoli

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As usual every year there are those who decide to start Fantasy Football from the first day of the championship and who, taking into account that the summer market ends at the end of August, decide to start the competition from the third day. It may seem like a minor difference but in reality, it is not. Two days, 180 minutes of play, but especially those 10/15 days that separate the start of the Serie A from the end of the transfer market are often decisive for the choices of the fantasy coaches. Last-minute purchases or disposals, accidents or hierarchical changes can affect an entire season.

Goalkeeper, the key element of the rose

A fantasy coach who aims for the victory of Fantasy Football can not disregard having at least a top goalkeeper and a good reserve. In this season of Serie A the goalkeepers of the top teams (Handanovic, Szczesny, Maignan, Meret, Reina, Rui Patricio, Musso all with evaluation between 14 and 17) have been ripped from the competition for bid costs often crazy because on paper they appear to be the ones who will concede fewer goals. Next to them, to save money, the fantallenatori are used to buy the respective deputies so that to be covered in case of injury or disqualification. Remember that any of the eleven players lined up in the field are able to bring bonuses, but if to do so is the goalkeeper often you have a few more chances to win. To keep a cleansheet, to concede a goal but make a great performance, take advantage of the factor “modificatore difesa” or save a penalty kick are all elements that compete to emphasize the importance of an extreme defender.

Alex Meret (Napoli)
Alex Meret (Napoli)

Low cost goalkeepers at the start of the season

Excluding the seven mentioned above, at the start of the championship there was a group of goalkeepers belonging to the middle range that the most spendthrifty fantamanagers decided to buy next to a top role. Among these we had Audero of Sampdoria, Consigli of Sassuolo, Dragowski of Fiorentina, Cragno of Cagliari and Silvestri of Udinese with evaluation between 10 and 12 credits. With an initial cost of 9 “fantamilioni” instead it was possible to bring home one between Milinkovic-Savic of Torino, Montipò of Verona or Skorupski of Bologna.

Handanovic (Inter)
Handanovic (Inter)

Low cost goalkeepers after 7 days

After seven days of the championship the hierarchies seem to have changed: some middle-class goalkeepers now have a higher price than some top role goalies. The performance and the goals conceded by the big ones help us to understand this trend turn. Napoli have the best defense (3 goals conceded, one by Meret in two appearances and two by Ospina in five appearances) but the Colombian has a lower price than the former Udinese; Maignan of Milan has conceded five goals and then, surprisingly, we find Milinkovic-Savic of Torino who has conceded only seven goals.

In negative stand out the twelve goals conceded by Reina of Lazio and the ten of the Polish Szczesny of Juventus. Currently, statistics in hand, in addition to the goalkeeper of Granata also Consigli of Sassuolo is among the “top role”; goalkeepers of Juventus and Lazio, listed 12 and 10 fantamilioni, are currently in the middle. In the same band we also find the Empolese Vicario, costing 9 fantamilioni, who has conceded twelve goals, of which just two away.

Reina (Lazio)
Reina (Lazio)

Our recommendations (1): Follow the alternations

This year, the most attentive will have already noticed, for the first time the Serie A calendar is asymmetrical: this means that the second round is not paired (mirrored). For fantasy football it is an element not to be underestimated. In the perspective of alternation (home/away matches) according to the Serie A fixtures, you can evaluate which are the best low-cost couples. The pairs Sirigu-Audero and Dragowski-Vicario are in this sense the best ever because they are always alternate (31/31 remaining).

Audero (Sampdoria)
Audero (Sampdoria)

Regards to the first couple there is little to add as they defend the doors of Genoa and Sampdoria, two clubs in the same city; similar speech for the other two (respectively Fiorentina and Empoli) that in the compilation of the fixtures were considered as two clubs of the same city. Then there are two other couples who, following the criteria of alternation, “tease” a lot: the first is composed of Consigli of Sassuolo and Audero of Sampdoria (24/31). The first has collected nine goals and has a fantamedia of 4.93; the second has collected thirteen goals and has a fantamedia of 4.14. The other very interesting couple to bet on is composed of Silvestri of Udinese and Milinkovic-Savic of Torino (23/31). The former Verona has so far conceded eleven goals while the Serbian just seven.

Our tips (2): Trust the numbers

Making a mix between the goals conceded so far, the current odds of the players and the potential they can demonstrate in the coming weeks we end this long article with those that, according to us, are the two best pairs of low cost goalkeepers to buy so you have guaranteed some bonuses. The first pair includes Dragowski of Fiorentina and Milinkovic-Savic of Torino: The Polish goalkeeper played five games and scored six goals (five of which were between Inter and Napoli), he also had a sending off in the first day against Roma and a penalty saved to Insigne in the last match. His fantamedia is 5.20, the solidity of the “backward department” of Fiorentina and his excellent performance in goal push us to recommend it as a first choice of your squad. Torino’s goalkeeper, on the other hand, has conceded only seven goals so far so that the Granata defense is among the least beaten in Serie A. Juric’s team has lost three games but always “di misura”, The giant Serbian goalkeeper has never conceded more than two goals in a single game and has a fantasy average of 5.21.

Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (Torino)
Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (Torino)

He is also the goalkeeper who recorded the largest increase in his price: from the 9 initial fantamilioni now is worth 13. The other couple that we recommend, a bit risky but equally reliable, is composed of Consigli of Sassuolo and Vicario of Empoli. These are two profiles that complement each other. Regards the extreme defender from Emilia, the same is said about MilinkovicSavic: he conceded nine goals in seven games but never has gone beyond the two goals per game. At Mapei Stadium the former Atalanta has a good performance having had only three goals conceded (one with Torino and two with Inter). Next to Consigli if you want to dare you can try Vicario: the 25-year-old from Udine, despite the twelve goals conceded, impressed in this first part of the championship thanks to its beautiful savings that often saved the door of the team of Andreazzoli. The fantamedia of the extreme defender of Empoli is 4.57, to stand out are the two goals conceded on the road in front of the ten conceded at home, that is why the combination with Consigli seems perfect.

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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