How to Play Mantra Fantasy Football: A Beginner’s Guide

To play the Mantra Fantasy Football you follow all the rules of a normal fantasy football, but following in detail some tactical indications given by the players available, as in a real team. Every component of the squadIn fact, has a certain role and cannot be deployed in a position other than the natural one, making the session even more important market.

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To play your season in the best possible way the rose must be complaced by 28 players, in order to have the right substitutes in case of injuries. The schemes available to every fantasy coach there are eleven and everyone requires five defensive players e five offensive, as well as to porter. The bench is made up of 12 players which must be entered according to the order of preference. In the event that a member of the squad does not take the field, he will be the first bench player to take his place, obviously respecting the roles. Each admin has the opportunity to choose how many changes to make in the matches of their league, starting from a base of five. The formation can be deployed up to 15 minutes before the start of the day, after which it will no longer be possible to change the choices.

In the mantra version of the game version is available RANDOM for the auction, where a random drawing is made that can be modified according to your needs, creating balanced teams. To play a season in the best possible way, the minimum number of participants varies from 8 to 12, with the possibility of changing some scores according to your needs. The modules available are different, from the most classic to the less common.

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It will be important to carefully choose the scheme to use in order to set up a compatible squad. The ideal number for a team – in the mantra section – is 28 players, of which at least two for specific roles. In this mode you can also add the PERFORMANCE FACTOR, where the team that has expressed the highest quality during a match is rewarded, as well as the D-Factor, valid for defense.

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