How to play SkySport Superscudetto 2021-2022 by a guide for beginners

Fantacalcio on is back for a brand new season so Italian Fantasy Football is here to give support whenever it is needed. We hope that this comprehensive guide explains you all the details you have to know about Fantacalcio on Superscudetto

Fantacalcio Sky Superscudetto
Fantacalcio Sky Superscudetto

What is Serie A Fantacalcio on Superscudetto?

Superscudetto is the Fantacalcio Classic offered by Sky Sport which rewards the winners in the General Ranking and in the Daily Ranking with Amazon Gift Vouchers.

Superscudetto Game Rules (translation from its official website)

Team Creation – Numbers of players

The team of superscudetto consists in 20 players. Each squad must include:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 6 Defenders
  • 6 Midfielders
  • 6 Forwards

The roles of each player are established by the game organization, following the Opta classification.


In order to buy the 15 players needed to make up the squad an initial budget of 150 millions is available. The acquisition of players takes place directly on the list of items that can be purchased at the cost that was previously set by the organization of the fanta game.
When it is given the confirmation that the purchase is carried out succcesfully, the budget is automatically available but decreased by the amount of the player’s price.

The value of each player (in millions) is set before the fantasy game begins and it will change throughout the season, based on their performance. The Fantamercato closes on the deadline for the delivery of the training (it is 5 before the start of the day).

The ammount of the budget that can be spent is highlighted and constantly updated on the Team Page. The computer does not allow operations which are not compatible with the number of millions available. If you save part of your budget without spending it, it is kept by the Team and it can be used for other operations.

Read the Games Rules in Italian on

Choice of Players

It is possible to select players belonging to different Serie A Clubs. Once the initial Fantamercato is finished which, means once the 15 Serie A players have been chosen, each lineup will find the players that have been selected on the bench.
Through the “My Team” section it is possible to deploy and modify players on the field or on the game plan.


All the details on how to assign and calculate points are below:

1-69 minutes on the pitch (1)1111
70+ minutes on the pitch (1)2222
Goals (excluding penalties) (2)10654
Assist (3)10543
Clean sheet (4)3300
Penalty saved5101010
3 or more goals scored3333
Goals conceded (5)-1-100
Yellow card-1-1-1-1
Double yellow card-3-3-3-3
Red card (direct)-5-5-5-5
Wrong penalty-3-3-3-3
Penalty scored3333


(1) recovery times are not considered fot the calculation of the time spento on the pitch.
(2) Actions during overtime are considered for the purpose of calculating these points.
(3) An assist is awarded to a player who makes the last successful pass leading to the goal (direct or rebound).
(4) Clean Sheet points are awarded to a player if the two conditions match: 1) the team they belong to does not concede a goal for the entire geme. 2) The player plays th match for at least 61 minutes.
(5) The penalty is attributed to all the defenders and goalkeepers belonging to the team that has conceded the goal (for each goal) who entered the field during the match, even if they were not yet or more present during the time of the goal.

Captain: The selected captain, who can be changed for each match day, gets a X2 multiplier on the sum of the bonus / malus. If a captain is not selected, the multiplier will not be applied to any player.

The bonus / malus score described above may be updated when the official match reports undergo changes. However there will not be a score update after the midnight on the day of the match day.

Management without a vote

In the case of a player without a vote the following requirements are applied to every player (including the goalkeeper):

  • The unrated player who plays at least 15 minutes (excluding recovery), gets a score of 6 plus any accumulated bonus / malus.
  • The organization reserves the right to assign votes also to players who have been on the pitch for less than 15 minutes. In this case they only judge if the entrance on the field has a positive or negtive effect on the team during the match.

Matches suspended postponed or anticipated

If one or more matches are postponed suspanded or anticipated to a date that prevents the normal running of a day, in order to calculate the Superscudetto fantasy matchday, all the players involved in these competitions will receive a vote of office equal to the average score of the day obtained by players of the other teams on that relevant matchday.
EXAMPLE: on matchday 33 the Inter-Juventus match is postponed, so the players of each team will obtain the average score that the players of the other teams obtained on the same day depending on the position. Goalkeepers will get the average score of goalkeeper, defenders of defenders, midfielders of midfielders, forwards of forwards.
In general the Organization of the fantasy game will evaluate every game on a case-by-case basis and will communicate on the bulletin board whether the official votes of the Organization will bee used.


In the event of a tie in one of the rankings, the chronological order of registration to the competition will prevail and will be recognized by the competition management software through a time-stamp generated at the time of registration.


The “DAY RANKING” groups all the teams registered in the fantasy game and sorts them according to the total sum of the team points obtained in the single reference. Furthermore at the end of each single day an extra action will be carried out among all of the users who have deployed the training in time assigning the first prize at the first draw.

The “GENERAL RANKING” groups all the teams registered in the fantasy game and sorts them according to the total sum of the team points obtained during the entire course of Serie A 2019/2020 Championship starting from the first day of the championship up to matchday 38 (last day of the championship). Each player can create only one team, the other one will be cancelled.

Chosing the 11 starters

Once the user has selected the mandatory total of 20 player, it is required to choose the 11 starter players of the team. This can be found on the section called “MY TEAM”. The score of each team is determined by the sum of the scores obtained by the individual players on the starting line (or substitutes taken over according to the procedures describe in the rules).


The roles of each players are established by the game organization, following the Opta classification. If the player has a different role during the real life match he does not chanege his role in the fantasy game.


It is possible to replace players with the one on the bench following the indications of the substitution policy that is explained below.


Transfers are unlimited before the start of the season. Once started, it will be possible to make only a maximum of 5 substitutions in the transfer windows between each match day and the next. If there are any unused replacement, these ones will not be cumulative in order to be used during other transfer sessions. Some special transfer window can be create by the organization for every player without limits.

Transfer window transfers

These ones are opened throughout the season only during days with no matches scheduled. During championship days it will not be possible to make any kind of transfers. If there are not transfers, the team previously deployed will continue to be considered for the points calculations.


All of the changes the user applies to the line-up are automatically saved. There is not a “save” button.


This section of the fantasy game does not have automatic replacements performed by the system. As a fantasy manager, in this case, all of the substitutions (made in MY TEAM sector) are part of the user’s task. Replacements can take place at any time. You have the option to replace a player on the field with one on the bench as long as he has not played yet during the match day. The user has to remember that if a player who has already played during the championship day is removed all of the points this player has accumulated will be lost.

EXAMPLE: Matchday 1 – Player X on the starting line plays on Saturday with a weak performance. On the bench you have Player Y who will play on Sunday. You can decide to settle for X’s sure score or take risks and send Y on the field. If Y goes better, well, congratulations mister! If Y goes worse than X… What a shame!

P.S if the players on the starting line will not get any points, they will not be automatically replaced by those on the bench. It is all in you hands now!

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Calculation of scores

The scores related to bonus / malus will be visible approximately in real time during the course of the games and will continue a provisional score. The editorial votes will be added to the partial score to determine the final score. The same scores may be updated when the official match reports undergo changes too. However score updates will not be made after midnight on the day the relevnt match was played

Powers of the organization

Superscudetto has the power to legislate on any aspect of the fantasy game, such as: infractions or regulatory interpretations, attribution of goals or own goals, cancellation of matches, recovering and awarding of prizes, modification of offensive or bad taste data to Teams / Leagues.

The attribution of goals to a player rather than another is only on the discretion of the fantasy game organization. Superscudetto’s decisions are final and unappealable. If deemed necessary Superscudetto has the rights to make any changes to the fantasy game rules. The changes will be promptly comunicated on the notice board.

Ranking and Leagues

Each player automatically participates to the general ranking, which determines the winners of the weekly and general prizes, and in the ranking of fans of the same club, if the the club selected as favorite competes in Serie A in the current season. Every player has also the ability to create or join public and private leagues to challenge friends, colleagues or anyone they want. The team and the scores considered in each classification and league will be the same as those in the general classification. There is not a maximum number of leagues that you can join.

Public Leagues

Public Leagues are the ones accessible to everyone.

Private Leagues

Users can create private leagues where a password (code) is required to log in. Fanta managers can do this visiting “My Leagues” section. Note that public and private leagues has no assciated prizes.

League Leaderboard

Challenge other leagues with friends! At least 5 users must participate in a league to appear in the League Ranking. The scores of members of the league already present at the beginning of each match day are considered. For every fifth member of the group, the worst result of each day will not be considered.

An average will be taken and the score of the day will be added to the total score. The leagues (private o public) will be purely for recreational purposes, therefore they will not determine the assignment of the prizes up that will be assigned through the Prize Competition.

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