Serie A – All-time top goalscorers

Serie A has been one of the strongest leagues in Europe for many years, and this is evidenced by the fact that some of the greatest goalscorers in history have played in the Italian top flight.

Baggio (USA 94)
Baggio (USA 94)

The Italian Serie A is one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world and has seen some of the greatest players to ever play soccer grace its pitches.

Many legendary goalscorers have been part of this league’s history, making it an exciting competition for goal-hungry fans. In this post, we will look at all-time top goalscorers from Serie A; their achievements, stats, and what made them such powerful strikers.

From Roberto Baggio to Giuseppe Meazza, get ready to explore some iconic names that continue to inspire generations till today!

By analyzing these player’s records and careers we can gain insight into why they were so successful on a global scale. So let us dive right into discovering who are amongst the best scorers in Italy’s top division!

The all-time leading goalscorer in Serie A is Silvio Piola, who scored 274 goals between 1929 and 1954. Piola was a prolific forward who spent most of his career with Pro Vercelli and Lazio, winning four league titles and the 1939 Coppa Italia.

In second place on the list is another legendary goalscorer, Gunnar Nordahl, who scored 225 goals between 1949 and 1958. Nordahl was a powerful forward with a lethal finishing ability, he is remembered for his spell at AC Milan where he won two Serie A titles and three Coppe Italia.

Third place in the all-time top goalscorers list belongs to Roberto Baggio, who scored 205 goals between 1985 and 2004.

Baggio was an iconic figure in Italian football, remembered for his virtuoso performances with Fiorentina, Juventus and Milan. He won a total of nine trophies during his career, including a Serie A title with Juventus in 1994-95.

Francesco Totti is fourth on the list with 184 goals between 1992 and 2017, all of which were scored for Roma. Totti was an iconic figure at the club, known for his loyal service and his magical performances that have earned him the nickname “Il Re di Roma” (The King of Rome). He won a Scudetto with Roma in 2000–01, as well as two Coppa Italia titles.

Completing the top five is Jose Altafini with 179 goals scored between 1958 and 1972. Altafini is considered one of the greatest players to ever grace Serie A, known for his impressive dribbling ability and finishing skills. He won a total of four major trophies during his career, including a Scudetto with Milan in 1962–63.

These five players have scored a combined 1,047 goals between them in Serie A and are all considered legends of Italian football. Their achievements will forever be remembered as some of the greatest feats in the history of football and they stand testament to the legacy of Serie A as one of the top leagues in world football.

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