InForma: the attackers to be deployed and to be avoided in the 28th day

The attackers to deploy

Dzeko: has lost the initial polish, can no longer score. Surely with Salernitna the opportunity is greedy, it cannot be kept out.

Property: after the fast against Napoli, Ciro wants to go back to scoring, and against one of the most affected defenses of this championship he is to be deployed.

Simeon: cholito he cannot be left out after the hat-trick against Venice. With Fiorentina it will be a tough match, but in the difficulties he exalts himself.

Pinamonti: he comes from two games without scoring, with Genoa he can rejoice, trust him.

Morata: in the figure of Dusan Vlahovic’s “helper” he seems to be in a great position: he may score fewer goals, but he certainly guarantees convincing performances.

Attackers to avoid

Djuric: there will be few scoring opportunities at San Siro, better to avoid fielding him on this day.

Manaj: away from home against Bonucci and De Ligt it will not be easy to score, it is not the right match for him.

Barrow: they haven’t scored for too long, Torino have a very solid defense, so it won’t be easy to find bonuses.

Yeboah: has not yet settled, the team does not help him to have scoring chances. Don’t deploy him.

Henry: Sassuolo will certainly play the game, there will be few opportunities for him to do badly.

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