InForma: the midfielders to field and to avoid on matchday 28

The midfielders to be deployed

Weather in Zaccagni: impossible to keep it out during this period. After a not exciting test against Napoli, he can go back to being super with Cagliari.

Calhanoglu: lately it is a bit subdued, against Salernitana it is the right opportunity to redeem himself.

Sensi: he has regained ownership, when he is well he is a very incisive player, he can play against Udinese.

refill: he is finding confidence in the role of left winger, at home against Spezia he can go to the bonus.

Pasalic: play much closer to the goal than in the past. Against a Roma in difficulty in the defensive phase, it is absolutely to be deployed.

Midfielders to avoid

Sturaro: Empoli’s very technical midfield can suffer. Avoid putting it on.

Perotti: is not yet the Monito of Roma, it is unlikely that at San Siro he will be able to bring home a positive performance.

Crystalline: too slow for the Atalanta midfielders, it is not the game in which he can do well.

Soriano: he is experiencing one of the worst seasons of his career, with Torino he can be kept out.

Messiah: difficult match against Napoli, it is certainly not one of the best opportunities to field him.

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