InForma: the players to be deployed on matchday 34

The goalkeepers to be deployed

Terracciano: in the last period he is conceding few goals, another clean sheet may arrive in Salerno. It is to be deployed.

Meret: Empoli is in full crisis, even without Koulibaly they must be trusted. He shouldn’t concede a goal.

Musso: it is a bit subdued, but this Venice is not scary: the Ligurians in the last 5 games have only scored one goal.

Montipo ‘: has conceded several goals lately, but has also made excellent saves. He faces a Sampdoria that is having great difficulties in the offensive phase, so he can deploy.

Silvestri: is doing a beautiful championship and Udines and has the third best defense of the second half of the standings. Against Bologna without Arnautovic it must be placed.

The defenders to be deployed

Bremer: it is certainly one of the most important revelations of this championship. At home, the defense of Torino is a fort and he is its commander. Against the Spezia is to be deployed.

Hernandez: will try to win the duel with Lazzari, trying to push as much as possible. He might even go for a bonus: trust him.

Bellanova: he is having an excellent season and in this round he faces on his wing a fairly static and slow defender like Vasquez: he can put him in serious difficulty with his progressions.

biraghi: Fiorentina challenges Salernitana, who will try to defend themselves and close the spaces. His set pieces could be fundamental.

Rrahmani: he will be the leader of the Napoli defense given the absence of Koulibaly. Against Empoli he can also take home a bonus.

The midfielders to be deployed

Perisic: he is one of the most fit men of Inter. Saturday on the wing will face a very fast player like Karsdorp, but the Croatian could still win the duel. It is to be put on.

Koopmeiners: he will have to redeem his own goal against Verona. Face an opponent in a black crisis like Venezia, there are all the conditions to do well.

IKONE: his speed can put the defense of Salernitana in difficulty: bonuses could arrive, so trust him.

Zielinski: as a good ex he will want to assert himself against the team that consecrated him. Empoli is going through a very difficult period, the Polish midfielder with his conclusions from a distance can be very dangerous.

refill: he’s in good shape, and he proved it in the Coppa Italia match against Fiorentina. In an open-minded match like that on Monday against Sassuolo he can affect his insertions with him.

The attackers to deploy

Osimhen: against Empoli, third worst defense in the league, the Nigerian striker of Napoli can bring bonuses to the fantasy coaches who rely on him. Deploy it.

Shoe: seems to be back in shape, against Venice he could return to scoring. It cannot be kept out.

Cabral: against the worst defense in the league (Salernitana) he can score and definitely earn the starting shirt.

Brekalo: he should start in the match against a Spezia quite sure of salvation. He is not to be left out.

Dzeko: he has already hit Roma as an ex. In the decisive games he somehow always tries to put his signature on it: he is to be deployed.

By Federico Poet

Written by News Releases

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