Inside Sensi and Beto, outside Cragno: here are the Monza-Udinese officials

MONZA UDINESE – Serie A is back, the third scheduled day starting this week, on Friday at 18:30.

Inside Sensi and Beto, outside Cragno: here are the Monza-Udinese officials

Our dear and beloved Serie A finally returns, the third day of the Italian top flight begins today. At 18:30 they take the field respectively Monza against Udinese, at the UPower Stadium: stadium of the Lombardi. We start from Monza, still out Cragno favorite for the third time By Gregorio to the former Cagliari goalkeeper. In defense to make up for the lack of Ranocchia e Pablo Mary, Stroppa gives space to Caldirola and the former Juve: Marrone. In midfield, the Lombards leave out Pessina, inside Sensi again after the mediocre game against Naples. In attack confirmed again Petagna, Supported by Caprari. In Udinese, space a Beto from the first minute after the Portuguese summer injury. In the median they will act Lovric debut with the team of Sottil, Makengo e Wallace. Come back Udogy from the first minute on the right, the Dutchman returns to the defensive trio: blackberry Nuyntick. Again Masina owner, after the goal on the first day at Milan.



By Gregorio; Marrone, Caldirola, Carlos Augusto; Birindelli, Valoti, Sensi, Colpani, Molina; Petagna, Caprari. All.Stroppa


Silvestri; Becao, Nuytinck, Masina; Pereyra, Makengo, Walace, Lovric, Udogie; Beto, Deulofeu. All.Sottil


Fortunato Condinno

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