Inter- Bastoni, Gazzetta: “We have to be careful, but the team has grown”

INTER- BASTONI, CdS- As reported by the Gazzetta to date, Bastoni’s words at Inter make it clear how important the team is and beyond.

Inter- Bastoni, Gazzetta: “We have to be careful, but the team has grown”

«We started ten days ago and the condition cannot be at the top. A few mistakes in this period are allowed and even this defeat in Lens should not worry us. I feel that we will soon reach our best level all together ».

And is it the right year for you to definitively consecrate yourself also at an international level?

«Of course, but it is a consecration that comes from our being a team: we have been playing together for many years and, the more time passes, the more you“ fit together ”with your teammates and improve individually. Now Romelu is back too and he will give us a great hand in Italy and in Europe. One thing is certain, we aim for the maximum in every competition ».

Answer as a fan (which one you are, like Barella next door): what did the images of the Milan celebrations leave you?

“I admit, they were hard images to digest, but that’s normal. Not winning is bad already, if the neighbors from home win even more… We will do everything to be the ones to celebrate in the city next time ».

For a long time there was talk of Sticks in the market key, then the club decided to lock it down. What did this decision mean?

“It means a lot, a lot. I have never had the slightest doubt of leaving Inter, here I have everything I need to feel good and express myself at my best: I am great with my teammates, with the club, I love Milan and so why go elsewhere? I’m happy to be there, I still see myself for many years with this shirt and, in the meantime, I hope to still win a lot ».

What did Lukaku find?

«The exact same beautiful person and the same great striker. I was not impressed by the choice of him: when you are so comfortable somewhere, you somehow want to come back. It is a natural and human feeling. We have welcomed him back in a big way, there are neither regrets nor remorse: it is enough that now he makes us win like 2 years ago… ».

How do you think Romelu will fit into a different game like Inzaghi’s?

«We know Romelu, we know what incredible qualities he has regardless of the coach: his physicality makes the difference, but our game will continue to be proactive, offensive, courageous, as you have seen. And we hope that, within this system, Roma scores as he always has, a lot of goals. And to help him he has other great strikers like Lautaro, Correa and Dzeko ».

How important is it for Inter’s future to preserve a core of Italian players?

“Keeping our backbone is crucial, in general, and I’m not just referring to Italians like me or Nicolò. There are guys like Handanovic and Skriniar, who may not be Italian by nationality, but embody the Inter spirit: they too are decisive in keeping him in the group ».

By the way, did you hear what your captain Handa said to the Gazette? Do you also think Skriniar should never be sold?

«Milan has integrated perfectly over the years and we have integrated with him in the department that we have built together. Plus, he’s my best friend in the group. It would be a real shame he left us right now, I hope he stays. I think we will still do many great things together ».

Competition in Serie A has increased: is there any team you see better equipped?

«Juve have strengthened a lot, I see them as the most dangerous opponent. He has taken on many strong players like Di Maria, Pogba and Bremer: it will be a battleship ».

Is Bonucci right, then, in saying that Juve is back…?

“It’s true, but it’s also true that Inter has never left … We know our qualities and our strength, we won the Scudetto two years ago and we have everything to repeat ourselves.”

Is there a stronger Inter this season than last season?

«Well, we have been playing together for several years: the understanding, the game mechanisms, the strength of the group improve. For this reason, yes, in my opinion our team is stronger than last year and can aim to do well in any competition ».

What are the details to take care of to avoid seeing a dream vanish at the most beautiful like a few months ago?

«In a season like this, so dense and compact, the physical aspect and the management of forces will count above all. It will be important for everyone to feel good for as long as possible and to have many changes to use if necessary because there are many close matches and there is a hole in the World Cup, an unpredictable variable ».

Speaking of the World Cup, will any of your colleagues study in Qatar with particular interest?

“In the meantime, it is clear that watching the World Cup will be a pain … But more than focusing on the defenders, I will look at the forwards. I like Argentina: at this point, without Italy, I’ll cheer for Correa and Lautaro a bit ».

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