Inter, Gazzetta: “Gosens must finally convince to play”

INTER, GAZZETTA- As can be seen from the Gazzetta, the Inter team gave a real ultimatum to Gosens. He has to convince a lot.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Gosens must finally convince to play”

“He is starting to breathe fresh air, the air of real matches. The level rises, the championship is approaching. Inter-Lyon tonight is a dress rehearsal of the dress rehearsal that will take place next Saturday with Villarreal, we could define it like this. It is a test for Inter all, two weeks from the championship, an opportunity for Inzaghi to understand. And there is so much to understand. We talk about Lukaku and Lautaro in the next piece. But also, to say, the steps forward of the alternatives in midfield, Asllani and Mkhitaryan, must be evaluated, as well as the responses of the defensive estate in the face of a formation certainly more ready on a physical level. But it is useless to go around it: tonight will also be, if not above all, an opportunity to verify the growth of Robin Gosens. “

Inter, Gazzetta: “Gosens must finally convince to play”

“Situation The German will probably not start from the first minute. But this is a detail, he will have his space in the second half, maybe a good half hour to test the leg. The German needs to play: he inside Inter and Inter with him. Gosens has to get used to the pitch, the matches, a world unknown to him since 29 September 2021, the day of his last official match played as a starter. Since then, the injury, a relapse, the slow recovery, the arrival at Inter but a wall found in front of the name of Ivan Perisic, who incidentally was also the best Nerazzurri for last season’s performance. “

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