Inter, Gazzetta: “Lautaro still Nerazzurro”

INTER, GAZZETTA- The Inter team, as reported by the Gazzetta, can really count on Lautaro now that he has returned to scoring.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Lautaro still Nerazzurro”

“Sum of so many delights could not go unnoticed. Neither the oriented stop and the shot that kisses two poles before entering the goal, nor the virtuoso passes that some team-mates have used and some others have not, nor the shoulders placed on the poor Blaugrana to recover the ball. The manual of the perfect bull at the Camp Nou had the immediate effect of bringing Lautaro Martinez back under the magnifying glass of the most important European chancelleries. It is as if, after some time in the shadows, the Argentine had returned to the light. Not that before he did not entice the greats of the continent, but the new enterprise, if anything, gave a reason to take a step forward in the courtship. United and Psg have just asked for first-hand information, but at the moment there seems to be no room to distract him from Inter thoughts: never before has Lautaro’s head been far from the market and is faithful to the promise of love made to Inter. This is why he has given a precise mandate to those in charge: for the moment the proposals that, suddenly, are returning to the table must be put in brackets. Il Toro wants Milan and wants to lead a prompt Nerazzurri ascent, right on the wave of the magic of the Camp Nou. But such firmness certainly does not cancel the movements around him ”.

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