Inter, Gazzetta: “The bull scores in Barcelona, ​​but no transfer market”

INTER, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the deeds of Lautaro, Inter striker in an important way to date.

Inter, Gazzetta: “The bull scores in Barcelona, ​​but no transfer market”

“How many calls Thursday and yesterday too the phones rang a lot: Lautaro received (deservedly) compliments from many comrades with whom he will go to Qatar to raise the voice. Messi, for example, did not limit himself to a like on Instagram. Then Dybala and Di Maria who, like him, live in Italy, but have other problems at the moment. Even his agent Alejandro Camaño, the man who a year ago snatched a top 6 million contract for him, had his job: many remembered his most illustrious client. No decisive calls, no numbers, figures or offers, but interested explorations to understand the state of the art. Also because, with a World Cup at the door that the Bull can experience as a protagonist, the price could explode “.

“United, still in search of itself, has an open channel and remains in ambush: having obtained information today could be useful tomorrow, given that there is the idea of ​​making yet another restyling of the attacking department. But the one who risks entering the dispute is the PSG. Yes, the one perched on the perch waiting to know what will become of the renewal of Milan Skriniar. The French club has already entered a collision course with Inter in the summer due to the defender and in January there is the risk of reopening the conflict ”.

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