Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku and Lautaro are the key to Inzaghi”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta writes, for Inter to do better and better has become a great warning every year with large investments.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku and Lautaro are the key to Inzaghi”

“Romelu is a game of numbers, perspectives and work in progress. The current record is signed by Antonio Conte, 2019-20 season: the Inter one, between league and cups, shot 113 goals. Last year’s team, with Simone Inzaghi on their debut, stopped six steps behind. But now the dish is richer. And the idea of ​​the technician is richer, as a result. How to think of being able to write a piece of history, retouching that 113? For heaven’s sake, the ultimate goal remains the championship, this is clear. Inzaghi – if he ever needed confirmation – appreciated, through talks with the players in the last month, how the desire for revenge is enormous, in all the protagonists. If the goal is clear, the chosen path is not trivial. He wins by moving the bar even higher, in terms of offensive production. We have identified at least five reasons why it is right to think of an Inter with (at least) 114 goals. And the first cannot fail to be Lukaku, who left a memory of 24 goals in these parts (in the year of the Scudetto). And that compared to Dzeko he guarantees game solutions and places concerns on the opponent’s defenses ”.

“Inter with the Belgian adds touches in the area – review, for those with a short memory, the gored with Lyon – but at the same time shortens time and space, that is playing time and meters to cover before reaching the shot. Last year Dzeko stopped at 13 goals, stranded in the second half of the season. Here it is, the balance that makes Inzaghi think positive. With a goal that is a bit declared and a bit not: the Golden Boot. “I hope that one of my forwards manages to win it,” said the coach just a month ago. “

Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku and Lautaro are the key to Inzaghi”

“Il Toro Who knows, maybe surprisingly the seed number becomes Lautaro. It is the second reason for the attack on the record. Taurus still knows no bounds. So far he has never finished a season with a lower number of goals than the previous year. His parable tells this: 6 goals in 2018-19, then 14, 17 and 21 last tournament. The proximity of Lukaku cannot help but benefit him, the presence of an attacker who directly engages the opposing defenders is the real advantage that the Argentine can take over last season. With a maturity that made him become a leader of this team, even in the locker room ”.

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