Inter, Gazzetta: “Marotta tries to attack Bremer, but watch out for Juve”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Marotta’s Inter still has Bremer in their sights, but Juventus presses on negotiations.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Marotta tries to attack Bremer, but watch out for Juve”

“The match The Nerazzurri’s assault really begins only now, but it is inevitably conditioned by the news on the rival front: Juve have a lot of cash in hand now that they have directed De Ligt to Bavaria. On the contrary, the transfer of Inter Milan Skriniar to PSG is not yet completed: at the beginning of this week the Qatari leadership, in the person of the new ds Luis Campos, will finally have contact with the CEO. Beppe Marotta and with the director Piero Ausilio. At the moment there is about ten million separating supply and demand: 60 million here, 70 there and a reciprocal underlying rigidity.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Marotta tries to attack Bremer, but watch out for Juve”

Confidence has grown again after days of worried silence, but due to the many structural changes in Parisian society nothing can be taken for granted: as long as the signatures are not affixed to the contract, it is better to keep the champagne in the fridge. For this reason, even on the Bremer front, the Nerazzurri are wary of waiting for the Parisian money. In the meantime, however, they would like to maintain the competitive advantage over the Brazilian, obtained through the slow courtship of recent months.

At Inter, Bremer said an enthusiastic and multiple yes: yes to the technical project within the Inzaghian three-man defense, yes to the ambitions of a scudetto revenge, and yes above all to a five-year idea worth 3,5 million per season. But the highlight is always missing, the negotiation with the Bull, which could be quite complex. The grenade management, in fact, values ​​his jewel 50 million, voted by the League of A as the best defender in the league. While today the Inter executives will present an offer based on 30 million. From there the bonuses will be added, up to 5, and the inclusion of Cesare Casadei, the brightest jewel of the Inter club together with Valentin Carboni, who will instead be added to the first team, must be considered.

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