Rome, Gazzetta: “The Giallorossi Joya, but the offer is still too low”

ROME, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Mourinho’s Rome has made a really important offer for Dybala and beyond.

Rome, Gazzetta: “The Giallorossi Joya, but the offer is still too low”

“The negotiation Now the triumvirate that looks after the interests of Dybala (the agent Antun, the marketing manager Novel and the intermediary De Vecchi) will bring the offer directly to the player, an offer that will presumably be rejected. But it will not be a definitive no, rather the beginning of a new path, of a negotiation that must lead the two parties to come closer to each other. So the player’s entourage in these days will contact Roma again. Presumably by raising with a counter offer.

In short, if Pinto were to go up a little in the fixed part (perhaps reaching 4,5 million, to which to add easy bonuses) and Dybala were to go down in the requests, then the deal could also be made. After all, Dybala is tired of staying on the sidelines. To wait, to continue training alone in Turin (this case is dealt with in detail in the piece below). He wants a team at the most by the beginning of next week and Roma at this moment remains an accredited hypothesis. “

Christian Marangio


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