Inter- Materazzi, Gazzetta: “Inzaghi’s team has quality”

INTER- MATERAZZI, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today with an interview with Materazzi, he gives great appaluses to Inter and to the quality of the squad.

Inter- Materazzi, Gazzetta: “Inzaghi’s team has quality”


Marco Materazzi, still today, when he talks about the team with which he dominated in Italy and won a Champions League and a Club World Cup, does so (often) using us, a sign of an indissoluble bond and a sense of belonging that has remained unchanged. He is not worried about the latest results and neither is he worried about the many market rumors about a possible farewell to Milan Skriniar. «All the Inter players who have been protagonists in recent years are fundamental and untouchable, we know that. But you have to trust what the company does. A few years ago he guaranteed: “we will return to the highest levels”. So it was: first the championship, then last year two other trophies and a championship lost in a way that is a bit like this… ».

Is the Scudetto lost in the sprint against Milan still burning?

«Milan was very good at always believing in it, Inter lost a bit of confidence after the derby: if you score 7 points in 7 games it means that something is missing. Confidence regained after the victory at Juve: there Inter went back to traveling at full speed, up to the “accident” in Bologna. And Milan took advantage of it. If there was a team that deserved the title for continuity, it was Milan. But in terms of quality, Inter was decidedly superior ».

Let’s go back to the present: the rumors of a departure of Skriniar agitate the fans like the many goals collected in a friendly.

«But it’s a summer problem, there is no question of the quality of the players. Let’s remember that Skriniar spent some time in the infirmary due to the injury he remedied in June and is recovering the condition. With the power plants at the top, there will be no more problems ».

Perhaps it is also a question of balance to be found with the new inclusion of Lukaku?

“It’s always a question of form. Lukaku made a choice, to return, after a year spent practically in mothballs. He needs to find the 90 ‘to express his full potential. Once that continuity of performance has been found, there will be no more problems. There is a lot of harmony with Lautaro, everything will come naturally ».

The rose looks more complete.

«He added a lot of quality and in the end quality always makes the difference. It is one thing to have ten or fifteen regular players and one thing is to have twenty, especially in such a particular season, which will have 50 days of forced rest for the World Cup. It will not be easy to manage all this ».

Is Inter the favorite for you?

«Well, the others have strengthened too, especially Roma: Mourinho has created an incredible environment, just look at what happened on Sunday in a friendly match. He has recreated magic between the team, the club and the fans. He has the experience and credibility that help to take on real players and to make the others perform at their best, who have grown in mentality and awareness thanks to the European triumph. I’ve heard: “he won a cup”, well, winning is never easy, not even in cards. José has shown he can do it, so hats off. And then he joined Roma, that is his true miracle: in Rome it is not easy, indeed almost impossible ».

Meanwhile, Inter want to fix the defense with Akanji or Acerbi.

“I don’t know Akanji but I trust blindly what society does. He took Lautaro who had only played in Argentina and won the bet: today he is one of the strongest strikers in the world. Then I think of Asllani, 20, who only those who have an eye and believe in it go to take with that determination. I think the direction the club is taking is the right one, then I don’t know if the results will come. But surely it is to be trusted. About Acerbi little to say: always on the piece, he works hard and speaks little. And Inzaghi knows him well, this is an important factor ».

Where can Inter improve? And from whom do you expect a turning point?

«Improving Inter is never easy. He lost Perisic who was an important tip of the balance. Consequently, I expect a lot from Gosens: one who scores 11-12 goals per season cannot be argued. The same things he did at Atalanta now he must do at Inter, this is where we see the difference between the champion and the normal player. He has a huge opportunity and he knows it. Last year Perisic did so well that it was difficult to think of ousting him, this year his armband belongs to him, but he has to prove that he deserves it, because Dimarco is ready and I like him so much. Gosens will have to be ready in the important moments and I am sure he will succeed. He will have to let his engine go to the maximum, like in Bergamo: he has devastating accelerations and insertions, I expect a lot from him “

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