Inter, Sconcerti: “Let’s see if Dybala and Company will live together”

INTER, DISCONCERTI – To date he has spoken in a really important way about the Inter team, Sconcerti who has put a question into action.


What do you think of Totti’s words about Dybala, Zaniolo and Maldini?
“He knows the truth about Dybala but he doesn’t tell it, it would suggest that perhaps he would have liked to come to Rome. It is not clear about Zaniolo. They are a series of riddles that are difficult to decipher. On Maldini it is clear, he always wanted to make the transfer market. The experience of great players is very useful, he says well, but not all former players are capable of this. What Maldini did is the maximum possible. That football people need is true “.

Lukaku-Dybala: Inter CEO Antonello said that anything is possible, if sustainable. Is that so for you?
“The rule is that when one leaves, another arrives. We will see at the end. There is no doubt that the two can play together, we need to see if Lautaro, Dybala and Lukaku can play together. It seems to me that no one has bought anyone in general. We are discussing negotiations. We will see how they go ”.

What do you think of the Allegri-Campos match?
“Allegri likes Montecarlo, they are people who know each other and then the ‘wanted’ meeting was denied. I don’t think there is anything serious. And then there are some middle contracts “.

Pogba is now done for Juve. But what more is there for the midfield?
“It would be a great department but not balanced. Then you have to see that Pogba is today, since he has played half of the games in the last two years. I see two midfielders and a playmaker, he’s not balanced. We will then see how Allegri will make them play. I believe that Pogba will come, but I wonder why it takes so long, since it is a zero operation ”.

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