Juventus, Allegri: “Europe that counts has arrived, on Pogba …”

ALLEGRI JUVENTUS- Juventus did a grueling job this morning, in view of tomorrow’s match against PSG. For the Bianconeri, it will be the official debut in the Uefa Champions League.

Juventus, Allegri: “Europe that counts has arrived, on Pogba …”

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke to the microphones of the official Bianconeri channels for the ritual conference on the eve of the big match against PSG. He spoke of the Pogba operation, which he will carry out in the next few days, and of the European objectives. Here are the words of the Bianconero coach:



“Paredes and Di Maria are extraordinary, they will give us a great hand technically and professionally. I’m really happy”.

On Luis Campos, director of the Parisians:

“There is gratitude and friendship, but Cherubini, Arrivabene and Nedved took care of the market. With Campos there was only a confrontation on the players: he is very good at recognizing their qualities ”.


“In hindsight it’s not going anywhere. I made him play with the spice because a shake was needed. On Sunday he was better, taking him with us to Paris and risking him for a race with many important races between now and November no… Otherwise he loses his physical condition, it would be useless ”.



“Tomorrow the Champions League starts, 10 points are needed to pass the round. It’s a good match to play against an extraordinary team, we’ll have a good match. Then 10 points must be made, whether they are 3 tomorrow or 3 next, they are 10 points. Tomorrow is fun, the Champions League gives different emotions. Being there is a pride on the part of all of us, they are even more beautiful races to play: PSG is among the strongest, for me it is the number one favorite. You will need to be up to it. We have to go through, then a new Champions League begins. We need one step at a time, we need to improve: the trend was to be in the lead, I hope tomorrow too, but we stopped there. We need to improve on this. Now nothing is decided, we need to improve and work ”.


“Pogba had made a conservative choice, we will get him back in January. It will hardly be before November, we need to be realistic. Even if things don’t like it. From Friday we think of Salernitana. This morning he went out for the second time, stopped and decided to undergo surgery. I hope he returns before the World Cup with us but there are 45 days left before the World Cup begins. The World Cup is not my problem, Juventus is returning in January. Lost time? From here we look forward. The past does not change: if you make a decision it is right, then see if it was done well or badly. We don’t think about “if maybe we had done it”… Now let’s think about having a good race tomorrow ”.


“Bonucci, Vlahovic, Rabiot and Perin play. Then I have to understand how Alex Sandro, Paredes, who plays tomorrow in front are doing ”.


“It is not a Juventus with a ‘false’ value without players, I say that if we do the right things we can create dangers for PSG. We must work to do well between now and November 13 to try in January, when we will resume, to have everyone in condition. Paredes had a good match in Florence but in the previous months he had only played 45 minutes. I didn’t bring Di Maria here, he trained little, let him stop to play for a while and not by Di Maria, even if in Florence he delighted, it was not the case. Now we need to work well to create the conditions: this season is also different, but the seasons are decided in March. Tomorrow is not a final, however ”.


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