Juventus, Bonucci: “When you are here there must be only victory”

JUVENTUS BONUCCI- Juventus inside equal, against Salernitana for 2-2, at the end of a sensational match.

Juventus, Bonucci: “When you are here there must be only victory”

At the end of the incredible match between Juventus-Salernitana, the Juventus captain: Leonardo Bonucci was interviewed on Dazn’s microphones. He arrived in a very hard way, criticizing the work of the squad and talking about the referee error that characterized the match. Here are the words of the former Milan:

On the lack of continuity:

We’ve been playing roller coaster matches for a couple of seasons now, the problem is something we all need to understand. You can’t give away ten or twenty minutes to any team. When you are at Juventus there is only victory, when we are not a team we struggle in everything. The difference between Juventus winning games is in the mentality. This does not exist “.

On various problems:

We have changed a lot in recent years, there has been a generational change and it is hard to understand the weight of this jersey. We can never afford not to give our best, I hope this game is a lesson because, regardless of everyone, it is the mentality that we struggle to keep constant. In training we give everything, if there is something that I have seen different it is the attitude in training but we have to grow in the match “.

On the little malice:

Regardless of the episode that could change the game, we need to examine our conscience on the last 20-25 minutes of the first half. We played discharges, not very bad, then we looked at each other and we realized that we could not be those. We got back on the pitch better and that changed the inertia of the game“.

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