Juventus, Brambati: “Milenkovic is the right choice for the bianconeri”

JUVENTUS, BRAMBATI – Brambati has released important news to Tmw about Juventus and its current defensive situation.

“It is necessary to understand if the possible sale of Skriniar is due or is a sale for an amount that is better to accept. Does he need to sell Skriniar or not? I still don’t understand this. Bastoni someone asked for it and Inter sat down to evaluate. It was Tottenham who tested the waters. But the player put his foot down because he didn’t want to leave “

Juve, only Bonucci and Gatti now. What is the shot to do?
“Bremer watch out, because playing for Turin is one thing, playing for Juve is another. Cairo will do his best, but be careful, because Bremer is used to playing with a certain type of form, in tight spaces and not with a free field behind. Those who take Bremer know that it is not Koulibaly, because he still does not know how to wear a heavy shirt. I don’t budge, but I just say to be careful. One I like a lot is Milenkovic, which costs even less. And watch out that Danilo will play the starter for sure, perhaps his own central defender ”.

Does Dybala to Roma open the doors for Zaniolo to Juventus?
“I am told by the interested sirens that Zaniolo should be a Juve shot. But I believe that Juve, who with the sale of De Ligt has beefed up the coffers and is now focusing on priorities, which is defense. For me, one defender will not be enough but two. But there are different ways to pay a player, like Chiesa, who has been spread over several budgets ”.

What blows were there for Maria and Pogba for Juve?
“Di Maria and Pogba are two bets. They are two names, yes, but they must prove something to Juve. Di Maria to be able to make a difference in Italy, Pogba to be the one of the times of Juve and not the one seen at United. Today Juve must hope that they will pay for what they expect, otherwise they don’t make a difference. Otherwise it goes a short distance ”.

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