Juventus, Buffon: “Di Maria is the strongest player in Serie A”

JUVENTUS BUFFON – Juventus continues its American tour, today unloading work for Allegri’s men in view of the big match Sunday night, against Real Madrid.

Juventus, Buffon: “Di Maria is the strongest player in Serie A”

Gianluigi Buffon, former Juventus goalkeeper, gave a long interview to TuttoSport where he talked about various topics including: the strength of, Di Maria and the choice of Dybala. Here are the words of the extreme defender:

Over the next few months in top fitness:

Personally I hope this year will be like the last one, at least until February. I would like to maintain the same level for eleven months. For the team, however, it must be the season of redemption. Beyond winning or finishing second or third, the main thing must be to prove that you are a team. Last year on many occasions we gave signs that we are not and there is nothing worse. We have to get back to competing ”.

On the new Juventus, Scudetto format:

No one better than him can interpret what people expect from the team. And no one better than Max knows how to speak, even publicly. If Allegri says this it is because he probably wants to increase the concentration rate in everyone, including the players. From the very first match, Juventus must be the protagonist. Allegri knows the Juve environment perfectly, where you spend a maximum of one year as a supporting player. The club has moved very well and has built a team that reflects even more the characteristics of the manager. I am convinced that Allegri will be able to make it perform better and that he too will perform better ”.

About Di Maria:

“Angel is one of those players who have had the ‘bad luck’ to be part of very strong teams, made up of many champions. And he, being less media than others, was penalized. But there are many such examples in football. Barzagli comes to mind, an extraordinary defender less advertised than others. Some greats haven’t been celebrated as much as they deserve. He is the strongest player of the next Serie A ”.

About Paul Pogba:

I’m sorry for the great Paul, who made a very right choice by returning to Turin. For him Juventus is special as a team and as an environment. Pogba, when he recovers, will be an avatar in Serie A ”.

On the farewell of Paulo Dybala:

Paulo had the right to choose after leaving Juventus on a free transfer. When I saw in recent weeks that Dybala could have gone to Inter, Roma or Napoli, I hoped he would choose one of the last two. I was hoping for his career. Paulo needed an emotional shock and I was convinced that only Rome and Naples could give it to him ”.


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