Juventus, CdS: “Allegri prepares the team with great friendlies”

JUVENTUS, CDS- As the CdS writes, Juventus in this month of August waiting for the championship matches is ready with the great opponents.

Juventus, CdS: “Allegri prepares the team with great friendlies”

Juve has one clear mission: to win again. It is the only way to go and Allegri is perfectly aware of it: even for him the jokers are over, he too can no longer make mistakes. Especially after the club has so far fulfilled all of his requests, guaranteeing him the reinforcements that allow him to build a team in his image. Max asked for quality, experience and leadership, to be grafted onto a young group that showed shortcomings from this point of view. Di Maria and Pogba ensure this wealth of characteristics. 
And then there is Bremer, called to fill the void left by De Ligt and Chiellini, even if a further reinforcement in defense could arrive. The Brazilian was the second name on the coach’s favorite list after Koulibaly: he is the prospect shot, the one who will have to become the leader of the future. It was the role that belonged to De Ligt in the club’s programs; now it will be the turn of the former grenade, the best defender of the last championship ”.

“Up the curtain, therefore, on the Lady. In the United States there will be an immediate crash test against probative opponents. Juve will be involved in the Soccer Champions Tour in three friendlies against Chivas Guadalajara, Barcelona and Real Madrid. In short, it gets serious right away. From this triptych of matches, which are quite close together, the first answers will come on the state of the art at Juventus. Allegri will begin to experience the understanding between Di Maria and Vlahovic, key points of a trident that will be completed by Chiesa, when he returns from the injury, and by a new winger arriving from the market. We need to find the lost goals and the road passes above all from the feeling between Fideo and the Serbian striker. Max’s plot foresees the construction of a physical team, solid, vertical and fast in execution, based on the 4-3-3. In this context, Pogba’s impact on a midfield that has been one of the main problems of recent years will be fundamental. The starting idea foresees the French left midfielder, with Locatelli in the direction and McKennie inside right. Ciak, the new Juve is shot ”.

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