Juventus, CdS: “De Ligt towards Bayern Munich, Allegri probes the future”

JUVENTUS, CDS- As reported by the newspaper in question CdS, Juventus with De Ligt towards the Bundes are in great search of his successor. So many names that have been brought up to date to go to the big replacement. The choice of the new Juventus defender will not be dictated by the great frenzy and the desire to do everything immediately, but important evaluations will be made.

Juventus, CdS: “De Ligt towards Bayern Munich, Allegri probes the future”

 Juve should put their foot on the accelerator to turn all alternatives into a master plan. Also because the sale of Matthijs D and Ligt is not just a hypothesis, but looks like a certainty waiting to understand how much the Juventus club will be able to emerge from Bayern Munich. Yes, because the Bavarian company is going straight ahead, once the goal has been identified, it usually reaches it and does so quickly. At home Bayern are working at the same time to close the Robert Lewandowski case with Barcelona,

at the same time, the negotiation for De Ligt got underway with the sole aim of getting a white smoke. In the comings and goings of Milanese matches, in fact, on Wednesday Federico Cherubini also met Brazo Salihamidzic, a former Juventus player and Bayern player for years: a good appointment to officially register the Juventus evaluation and once again take note of De Ligt’s decision to go in Munich, for the sake of a Chelsea who also would have put more money on the plate for both Juve and the player.  Continuous contacts and continued also yesterday, the proposal being defined by Bayern will be between 70 and 75 million plus bonuses of various kinds that could bring the total sum up to 85-90 million. The presence of Rafaela Pimenta in Turin on the occasion of the arrival of Paul Pogba could therefore be the right moment to get to the white smoke even before the end of the week, otherwise De Ligt would respond to the call for the meeting scheduled for Sunday: but the road now is marked, barring sensational new surprises, Bayern Munich will be the next team of the Dutch defender.

The Heirs

 First the maxi-sale, then the replacement. Koulibaly remains the first on Max Allegri’s list, but also the most complicated. You want for the resistances of Napoli, you want for the doubts of the player, despite the side of a trusted ally like Fali Ramadani. Nikola Milenkovic was also discussed with, between Juve’s B plans despite Inter’s pole position and Napoli’s own competition, which in the Serbian Fiorentina sees a possible heir of Koulibaly. It is also complicated to be able to fit in between Inter and Gleison Bremer. Long promised spouse of the Nerazzurri club. So he continues to work on other tracks, keeping alive the contacts for Gabriel of Arsenal,

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