Serie A, Bellucci: “Nowadays physical power is valued, in my day technique”

SERIE A BELLUCCI – Claudio Bellucci, former Serie A footballer, gave an exclusive interview to the microphones of 1 Station Radio. Pressed by the questions of Luca Cerchione, the former bomber, who last season was at Cagliari, in the staff of Walter Mazzarri, spoke of some differences in the top Italian category. His opinion is quite clear: compared to twenty years ago, the characteristics sought in footballers are completely different.

Serie A, Bellucci: “Nowadays physical power is valued, in my day technique”

If you were born ten years later would you have had another career?
“Times have changed, nowadays the prices of the tags immediately cost many millions after only one good season. There is no time to evaluate the continuity of performance, it is not thought that, perhaps, that season was impromptu in the career of a particular player, then they are sent on loan because they do not return what they expected. Quality dropped in Serie A? Well, today a lot of physical power is required, while when I grew up, in the youth squads they cared a lot about the technique and less tactics and physicality “.

Luca Cerchione

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