Juventus, CdS: “Gatti is the extra man in the Allegri squad”

JUVENTUS, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Juventus have many aces up their sleeves this season, also from a defensive point of view.

Juventus, CdS: “Gatti is the extra man in the Allegri squad”

Juve changes your life. To confirm, ask Federico Gatti, the new face of the Juventus defense together with Bremer. The giant from Rivoli, Turin by birth, is grappling with the great opportunity of his career, pursued for years with talent, will and self-denial. From the fields of the extreme periphery of the ball to the championship fight and the Champions League. Also passing through Frosinone, where he graduated as the best defender of the last Serie B championship and where he earned the call of coach Mancini, who gave him his debut in the National League in the Nations League against England. “

Juventus, CdS: “Gatti is the extra man in the Allegri squad”

“Gatti has just finished his first training session on US soil in the futuristic Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and daydreams:” My life has been turned upside down – he tells JuventusTv -, but there is still a lot to write and I still want upset it. The apprenticeship I made was my strength and it still is today, because he gives me nastiness and the desire to never give up. It makes me strange to go back to Turin, my family lives 500 meters from the stadium. It is an incredible emotion; this is an enormous experience ». And also a school: «I learn something new every day: they teach me small details that no one has ever taught me in the past. In particular Bonucci: Leo is a champion and a great man. Here everything is different than in the past, I’m in a top club in Europe. With humility and desire, here we are only destined to improve. I was struck by a lot of things, but above all my teammates who are champions and have placed themselves towards me with impressive humility ». Federico promises to maintain the same conduct that allowed him to climb six categories in six years until reaching Juve: «I want to improve myself and, if the opportunity arises, to be ready. Every training session must be like a final for me. “

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