Juventus, CdS: “Paredes in Juventus is the priority”

JUVENTUS, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Juventus is really looking for a level midfielder to wait for Pogba today.

The Juve market continues without departing from the line of sustainability. The club is working to guarantee Allegri the necessary reinforcements where the squad is most lacking but no fireworks are planned. Translation: targeted investments, opportunities that allow formulas that do not immediately use too many resources in order not to burden the budget. In this scenario, the Pogba variable is inserted. The actual duration of the absence of French is not yet clear; if it were to lengthen until 2023 then the reasoning of the Juventus club could change, certainly not from the line of safeguarding the accounts, but on the number of grafts, unless a firm focus on solutions already at home and which lead to the green line. Fagioli and Rovella, in fact, liked them during the tour: both could have a chance, together with Miretti, who did so much good in the final of last season and who will be back in the group tomorrow, when training resumes ”.

Christian Marangio


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