Juventus, CdS: “With Pogba and Di Maria, Allegri dreams big”

JUVENTUS, CDS – As reported by the CdS to date, the Juventus team with the new and great additions can really think big for the future, but not only. With the transfer market looming over Allegri’s team, the cards are changing this season. Reigning champions Milan will really have to do the impossible to stop Inter and Juventus with their new big additions from the transfer market.

Juventus, CdS: “With Pogba and Di Maria, Allegri dreams big”

“U a day of arrivals to redo Juve. Before Di Maria, Pogba followed suit, while Vlahovic was already undergoing medical examinations. Compared to the start of last season, they are three big ones, nothing to say. And compared to the beginning of the second round, the Church should also be considered as a novelty. Three strikers and an attacking midfielder, Juve changes and strengthens, modifying the line just pronounced in the summer market a year ago and reaffirmed in the winter one, with the arrival of two young people like Locatelli and Vlahovic. Young or not, Juve must return to itself and have no more time to waste. “


It was once the team that conquered the present by anticipating the future. Juventus wins and builds. In those same years, Inter struggled, so much so that for a certain period Sarri’s Napoli was the real opponent of Allegri’s Juve. This is no longer the case. In two years, Inter have won a Scudetto, an Italian Cup and a Super Cup, Juventus won nothing last year. Inter are building an adult club market inspired by a certain football logic, taking Handanovic’s reserve (or alternative), Dumfries’s reserve (or alternative), the often (and often will be the alternative) Calhanoglu, Brozovic’s reserve (and will sometimes be the alternative), Lautaro Martinez’s shoulder (the old shielded shoulder), respectively: Onana, Bellanova, Mkhitaryan, Asllani and Lukaku. Juventus must chase and in order to shorten the time it goes on safe second-hand, on established players in the international field even if not more than the first hair. The need is clear: to go back to winning immediately.


Juventus, CdS: “With Pogba and Di Maria, Allegri dreams big”

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