Naples, CdS: “Koulibaly and Adl, the possible meeting in Dimaro”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported by the CdS, the Koulibaly question for Napoli could really go for the best in Dimaro in the blue retreat. The great turning point at Napoli could really arrive in the mountains where Spalletti’s team is really ready for a very important and intense retreat. Spalletti will really have to work on many aspects, but to date also understanding who will be the Napoli of the future is fundamental.

Naples, CdS: “Koulibaly and Adl and the possible meeting in Dimaro”

 “In the Dolomites it is not just a play on words, but it is an appointment: Kalidou Koulibaly awaits Naples in Dimaro, in training camp, between Monday and Tuesday. Like all the other national teams and as it happens just when De Laurentiis is also expected. A fatality to be exploited, to be capitalized perhaps with a nice chat between the president and the captain at the Rosatti hotel, the historic headquarters of the team.

Almost two old friends, yes, and without even daring to meet the official, formal and if we want a bit heavy face to face. Market rally. Certainly the theme is what it is, just like the contours of a situation that has taken a turn for the worse over the days: DeLa has offered a renewal of the last delicate pharaonic 6 million euros net for the next five years. guaranteeing him the same match as the last contract expiring in 2023, and Kalidou declined. And not for Juve: they have no intention of going to Turin and, after all, Napoli does not even intend to negotiate with the court. Don’t even listen. In the background, however, there are Chelsea and Barça, and this means that the risk of sale exists; resist.If the offer is the right one: otherwise, as long as the last blue season will be staged when it expires. How many arguments, what a long chat awaits them ”To you. 

Cristiano Marangio


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