Juventus, Gazzetta: “Dries says No to Juventus”

JUVENTUS, GAZZETTA – To date, Juventus has been rejected by Mertens according to the Gazzetta which has dusted off the old love of the Belgian.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Dries says No to Juventus”

“Did Ciro Mertens shrug at Juve so as not to betray Napoli? No problem, in Turin they are happy to aim on the left: in the direction of Filip Kostic, the left-handed striker of Eintracht Frankfurt. In the last few hours, in fact, little encouraging signs of smoke have arrived from the entourage of the Belgian goalscorer. Even his Neapolitan friends speak of a no to an offer of 5 million net. The insights would take a short distance: the reality is that Dries was very determined in rejecting the advances of his long-time rivals. A few weeks ago, Koulibaly also resisted the Juventus courtship, opting for the more neutral Chelsea. Mertens’ act of love evidently makes his Azzurri fans proud, but he too will probably have to go abroad.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Dries says No to Juventus”

“The income Juve immediately changed course. With decision. Today Federico Cherubini will officially move with the German club to permanently acquire the Serbian international after his contract expires in just over 10 months. In Frankfurt they ask for at least 12 million euros while at Continassa they have evaluated to present an offer of 8 million to reach 10 with bonuses ”.

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