Juventus, Lele Adani: “Gatti is a very strong player”

JUVENTUS GATTI – Juventus continues its preparation in the American tour, today Allegri’s men arrived in Las Vegas. Meanwhile Cherubini and Arrivabene are active on the market, involving Morata and Zaniolo.

Juventus, Lele Adani: “Gatti is a very strong player”

Lele Adani, a well-known sports commentator, was interviewed in La Gazzetta dello Sport, where he talked about Federico Gatti, the new Juventus defender. He gave words to honey for the defender from Frosinone. Here are the words of the Lombard columnist:

Could a defender with zero appearances in Serie A and only one year of Serie B be ready to join the Juventus rotations? I answer without hesitation: yes, if your name is Federico Gatti. I was lucky enough to see him live in his debut with the national team against England in Wolverhampton a short time ago and he really impressed me. He not only has the physical and the right wickedness, which allows him to attack with the right conviction the opponent attacker in search of the advance or to make him feel the pressure. Gatti also convinced me in running backwards, in positioning, both for choices and for posture, and above all he surprised me in the ball exit, particularly not of secondary importance for a defender who still needs to know football at the highest level. He is clean, regular. I can say that Gatti will not only be a part of it, but will end up playing many more games than most people think, regardless of who comes or goes. In my opinion, he will reach twenty appearances, which as a first season in black and white would not be bad at all. And watch out that this guy also knows how to score eh: he adds so much danger on free kicks and corners with that size and that hunger of those who jump high coming from below ”.


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