Juventus, Pogba: “Vlahovic is a very strong player”

JUVENTUS POGBA – Juventus today will carry out unloading work after the fatigue of the 2-0 win against Chivas. The two newcomers, Pogba and Di Maria, appeared in great shape.

Juventus, Pogba: “Vlahovic is a very strong player”

Paul Pogba, Juventus midfielder, spoke to Dazn’s microphones. He talked about various topics including the strength of Dusan Vlahovic and also about the speech related to his friend, Paulo Dybala. Here are the words of the French:

On training at Continassa:

The training went well. Cheerful a hammer? Always been like this, sometimes when you’re tired and you don’t go to 100, you hear him. I am very happy to be here, I am at home, people have brought me back here. I’m really happy”.

On Dusan Vlahovic:

Young people who hit me? Vlahovic, very strong, number 9. Chiesa when I saw him… he’s young, he’s talented ”.

About Paulo Dybala:

When did I tell him to stay with me at Juve? He told me that he was already gone, that I had to tell him first. We joke, I just want him to be happy. When he told me about Roma he was happy, however when you are free you have pressure. He was happy and I am happy for him, the important thing is that he is well ”.

Finally, on Angel Di Maria:

It is very strong. A great player. You know what he wants to do, but it’s too hard to take. He likes to go to the left, but he touches the ball many times, you can’t hold him. Di Maria I call it El Fide ”.


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