Juventus- Rummenigge, Gazzetta: “Kostic is really strong”

JUVENTUS- RUMMENIGGE, GAZZETTA- La Gazzetta has really put in place a great interview with Rummenigge about Juventus in an important way.

Juventus- Rummenigge, Gazzetta: “Kostic is really strong”


between Serie A and Bundesliga with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, 66, former CEO of Bayern, who entered the Serie A Hall of Fame as a former Inter forward.

Good morning Rummenigge: is Kostic a Juve player?

«For Eintracht it was very important: he pushes to the left, he’s fast, technically very good. They made him play in the cup, they would like to play him today against Bayern, they do everything to keep him. But it doesn’t seem to cost that much, he’s not very expensive… ».

Juve have taken Di Maria: is Serie A becoming too much the tournament of seasoned champions?

“No. In Germany they always try to buy young people also to make them grow, sell them and earn money. I always believe in the “mixed”, younger experience. That’s how we won with Bayern. I don’t call them old, but of experience. Di Maria can still give something, it is valid ».

Is Lukaku’s return a nostalgia operation or does it make Inter a favorite for the Scudetto?

«The marriage between him, Chelsea and maybe even the manager was not a happy one. He did well to go back to where he had great successes. My friend Marotta then got a great deal, sold it a year ago at an exceptional price and bought it back for a short time. On the favorites, Juve’s wrong start a year ago opened the door to the Milanese, not by chance then first and second. If Juve starts well, the one that has won so many championships in a row could return ».

Were you surprised by AC Milan’s Scudetto in May?

«A little bit, Inter could confirm themselves, unfortunately they lost precious points in some difficult weeks and thanks to that Milan won. Last year Inter already had the strongest team ».

An opinion on De Ketelaere?

“I know him, but when a player comes from abroad, he must evaluate how he adapts to Italian football, always different from foreign football, in the case of Belgian football”.

Is Mourinho good for Serie A as well as for Roma?

«Rome has been reborn as an important club. For a long time he did not win anything, then thanks to him he succeeded, not the Champions League but the less important cup, but he won. Mourinho has done well in the past, he is a man of great image, and it seems to me also for the future, given the important signings. In Rome they dream of something more, but I don’t think they can win the championship, in my opinion Inter are part of the big favorite ».

Bundesliga and Serie A drew 1-1 in European cups last season. What is the better league between the two?

«Unfortunately for Serie A and Bundesliga, it seems to me the English one. Every year he is always torn, interesting and very exciting. We must try both in Italy and in Germany to improve, to get closer to the British model. It seems to me that they are more professional when it comes to televised football, but not only that: they earn a lot more than us or you. Because we need to be clear: in the end, money counts, with money you buy quality in the field ».

The Bundesliga starts today: why should a foreigner follow it?

«Because it offers a nice kick. There is Bayern that has been winning for 10 years but it is always a team to follow. Then it depends on the others, from Dortmund, unlucky with Haller’s disease but who have a good team. Even Leipzig, perhaps Leverkusen and Eintracht if they manage to attack Bayern make the championship more exciting. Of course, if a club wins 10 years in a row, the excitement is lacking. Nothing is taken for granted, we always start from scratch, but Bayern’s squad is the widest, most valid. If he has a normal performance he should win again ».

Without Lewandowski and Haaland, who will be the new protagonists?

“Especially with Lewandowski, an important element will be missing. However, Bayern fished well by buying Mané. Then also the return of Götze can be good publicity for the whole Bundesliga, as well as for its Eintracht. But the Bundesliga always gives birth to new stars. I expect a lot from Musiala, he has all the skills you need. Bayern’s attack is the fastest in Europe: he, Coman, Gnabry, Mané, Sané. Even without Lewandowski it is an interesting department ».

De Ligt was paid 67 million plus bonuses: is it worth that money?

“We must see. Juve also paid a lot for him, they probably sold him because he didn’t convince them, as well as for economic reasons. Bayern lacked the “boss” of the defense, after Alaba’s departure. I hope he has found it again, we hope he will be able to do it. Mino Raiola had called us many times in the past telling us that Matthijs was a “Bayern player, you have to buy him”. But he already had astronomical figures at that time, not only for the card required by Ajax but also for the engagement. Then we were in place in defense, it was not necessary as now ».

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Juventus, Gazzetta: “Kostic arrives and Morata can’t be Juventus anymore”

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