Juventus, Schira: “Arthur in the sights of Porto and Lyon”

JUVENTUS ARTHUR – Day of rest for Juventus, after the draw against Roma in yesterday’s big match, 1-1.

Juventus, Sky: “Arthur in the sights of Porto and Lyon”

Juventus is very attentive to the incoming market, yesterday the Bianconeri did not convince in the first big match of the season. The market closes less and less, and Juve’s midfield represents a very difficult knot to solve. Many names were given at the start, some more reluctantly and some more willingly. Among all, the main suspects would be Arthur, Rovella and Fagioli, all three with a fair amount of interest behind them. THEn particular, at the top of the list of starters there is the former Barça, absolutely out of any Juventus project and now a separated at home. Suffice it to say that Locatelli changed his jersey number by taking his 5, practically forcing him to choose 29. According to Nicolò Schira, Porto and Lyon would have asked for information for the Brazilian, who could thus leave on loan for at least one season. Probably another will leave between the two young Italian talents, especially considering the imminent arrival of Leandro Paredes. In the meantime, however, it is Arthur’s departure that has to unlock the gear.


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