Juventus- Szczesny, Gazzetta: “We have to win everything”

JUVENTUS- SZCZESNY, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the words of the Polish goalkeeper load everyone with responsibility.

Juventus- Szczesny, Gazzetta: “We have to win everything”


Szczesny, the market so far has brought Di Maria, Pogba, Bremer and Gatti: what Juventus is being born?

«It’s a different Juventus thanks to Di Maria and Pogba, two top-quality champions who also bring a lot of experience, but there are also young players like Fagioli, Miretti and Rovella. We have many guys who have to learn from the attitude of the most experienced comrades. We need to find the balance between the energy and enthusiasm of the young and the experience of the elderly ».

Is the team that is being born more ready than the last one to aspire to the Scudetto?

«Di Maria and Pogba increase confidence in the rest of the group. Angel, Paul and Bremer didn’t choose Juventus to finish fourth, they want trophies. After a last season that certainly cannot be defined as good, our duty is to aim to win the Scudetto ».

Once there was the BBC, now only Bonucci is left of the old wall. Is the new defense just as reliable?

«Well, now instead of the BBC we have the B & B… I am very confident, in addition to Bremer, Gatti has arrived, the defense has changed and we are looking for a new balance because we have high expectations for the season. We need to prepare ourselves physically as well as possible but also create a team spirit ».

What struck you about Bremer?

«He is impressive, physically he is a beast and he is a very calm boy, who does not seem Brazilian. While his compatriots are singing he stands aside. He has extraordinary speed and power ».

Sixth year of Juventus, he is now a senator. Does he feel more responsibility?

«I still feel young, even if I don’t have to enter the bull anymore because the newcomers always go in the middle. After 5 years I consider myself an important piece of the team, there is a good relationship with everyone ».

Even with Allegri?

«Allegri helped me a lot especially after the first games of last year, which were not positive. He has never questioned me and I believe I have managed to repay his confidence with good performances ».

Barcelona will be Juve’s first big opponent in the pre-season. What game are you expecting?

«It’s always nice to play these matches, in the last two years I had missed the summer tour a lot. At the moment the most important thing is physical preparation, but facing the champions of Barcelona and Real Madrid is the top, it gives you that little bit more to push despite the fatigue. Real won the last Champions League, it’s exciting to compete against the strongest. The result matters little but winning gives you the charge. Our aim, however, is to prepare ourselves as best as possible for the start of the season ».

How does Lewandowski, Barça’s new signing and his international team mate, stop?

«I saw that he played 45 minutes against Real and didn’t score, I hope he doesn’t score his first goal with Barcelona for me and against Juventus. But I wish him the best because he is a dear friend and a great player ».

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Juventus, Gazzetta: “Pogba makes Crack for Allegri, two months out”

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