Juventus, Vlahovic: “Di Maria and Pogba are extraordinary”

JUVENTUS VLAHOVIC – Juventus recently returned from the night trip to Dallas, where they challenged Barcelona. The match ended 2-2, with a Moise Kean who, as in retirement at Continassa, appeared in great form.

Juventus, Vlahovic: “Di Maria and Pogba are extraordinary”

Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic was interviewed on de La Gazzetta dello Sport, talking about himself in a long interview. He talked about various topics related to the title of top scorer and his new additions. Here are the words of the Serbian player:

On the title of top scorer:

I read that in the last ten to twelve years the top scorer has never won the Scudetto, but there is always a first time, right? Team goals come before personal goals, it’s more important for Juve to win, but if I score 30 goals and we become Italian champions, that’s fine for me. “

About Paul Pogba:

I only knew him from TV, he had a great impact on the team, he is a world champion who has already won a lot over the years at Juve, in addition to the Europa League with Manchester United. It’s nice to have him with us ”.

About Angèl Di Maria:

When I knew he was coming, I immediately thought about how many goals and assists we can score together, because I want to score for him too. Angel has been playing at a very high level for a long time, he is one of the strongest outsiders of the last 20 years and he has done very well wherever he has gone. Until recently, I saw these champions on TV, playing with them was my goal when I was a child. With Di Maria we have to get to know and understand each other a little, but I’m sure it won’t be difficult for him. He played with great attackers, it is I who must ask him how I have to move to be found ”.

On the groin:

Did I have groin pain? Yes, but I don’t like to find alibis, if I went on the pitch it means I could play. I had a problem that I had been carrying around for some time, from before I arrived at Juve. At the end of the season I wanted to recover as best I could, I had to say no to the national team even though I was very sorry. This summer I dedicated myself only to recovering, I made a path to be 100% ready. Now I feel good and soon I will be at the top ”.

About Gleison Bremer:

It is a great pleasure to have him at Juve, he is the strongest defender of A. After a season in which we have not won anything, our duty is to have the goal of winning everything “.


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