Lazio, CdS: “Luis Alberto is still there, but he turns to Ilic of Verona”

LAZIO, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Lazio are at the very top of a market that has given rise to the new team to date.

Lazio, CdS: “Luis Alberto is still there, but he turns to Ilic of Verona”

Luis Alberto (by magic) reappeared running on the fields of Formello. Differentiated training, not with the team, after two days spent at home. The high fever? Gone. Lazio, on the outside, protected him. Inside, however, the tension must have been high. And convincing. The ailments, whether real or presumed, have been overcome. The Spaniard did not show up in Formello on Tuesday when training resumed, sending a medical certificate and complaining of a flu. Lazio on Wednesday subjected him to a control swab. Negative result. No Covid. Lotito yesterday morning he confirmed the feverish attack and pondered a statement waiting to verify some passages, which within a few hours led him to abort the idea. And they brought the Spaniard back (by hook or by crook, the interested parties will know) on the pitch at Formello. ANDALUSIAN SHADOWS. Case contained with some difficulty, the impossibility of denying it and the need to maintain an apparent normality. Why, it is not a mystery, Luis Alberto has a clear goal: to return to Seville. And Lazio would like to satisfy him with mutual satisfaction, that is, without selling him off.

“And instead the risk is just that: the Magician and his agents, knowing the interest of the director Monchi, aim to bring down the price set by Lotito. Sarri was explicit in the interview granted to our director: «For the second year in a row he has expressed his will to finish his career in Spain. More than in Spain in general, precisely in Seville. I can’t tell you if I will still have him at the beginning of September »explained the coach, who has also decided in the last two friendlies (with Genoa and Qatar) to exclude him from the starting block. ILIC MEZZALA. Uncertainty is by no means a discovery, it belongs to the news of the last few weeks. Lazio sells him, because he has already booked and blocked the substitute, who is considered ideal by Sarri for his 4-3-3. Ivan lic, 21, Serbian from Verona ”.

Christian Marangio


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