Lazio, CdS: “Provedel, but not only here are all the market ideas”

LAZIO, CDS- As reported by the CdS newspaper, the Lazio team has really made giant steps in the market to date and this means raising the bar. Sarri’s Lazio in the next season is really called to arms in the league to have to aspire to a place in the Champions League with great competition.

Lazio, CdS: “Provedel, but not only here are all the market ideas”

“Lazio’s goal. Lotito treats to the bitter end for Ivan Provedel, the goalkeeper indicated by Sarri and to be paired with the Portuguese Maximiano, who has been working on the Auronzo field since yesterday. New contacts with the director of Pecini. There are no more triangulations now. La Spezia started from a valuation of 5 million, considered excessive by Lazio. The Ligurian club must guarantee a replacement. There would be a solution: Salvatore Sirigu, European champion last year as Donnarumma’s deputy, released from Genoa. There would have been a phone call to the blue goalkeeper, promised to Napoli, where he would enter as Meret’s deputy. The reflections are ongoing.

Lazio, CdS: “Provedel, but not only here are all the market ideas”

These are different offers from an economic and prestige point of view, but Sirigu continues to prefer the field and the prospect of a regular job over the consistency of the salary. Tare would have wanted him at Lazio, but it is not a convincing option for Sarri and Lotito listens to his coach. We will see if Sirigu will upset the probable transfer to Naples and if Spezia has identified other solutions. At the window is Empoli, which would obtain 50% of the resale. Lotito does not intend to exceed 3 million for the Provedel card, expiring in 2023 and in word with Lazio. Taken Maximiano, he may be in less hurry than a few days ago. The investment in Maximiano should have blocked the way for Carnesecchi and Vicario, but in the transfer market you never know, especially if the Atalanta goalkeeper was thinking about the loan. “

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Lazio, CdS: “Sarri builds the perfect team for the future, but not only”

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