Lazio- CdS, Sarri: “Biancocelesti on the market, here’s the idea for the coach”

LAZIO- CDS, SARRI – As the CdS writes, Sarri’s Lazio is in full construction on the full name of football that implies the Tuscan coach.

PEverything and the opposite of everything can happen between now and September 1, market gong. It depends on the major and minor releases, on Luis Alberto and Milinkovic, on Acerbi, on the redundancies (after Muriqi on Mallorca, Escalante and Durmisi above all). Six purchases are centered, total of 45 million, the seventh will be Provedel (if he unlocks) or another goalkeeper. Sarri would also like a left-back and at least one midfielder (currently the priority). The idea of ​​the shot to the left was born from an indication from Mau, to be linked to the eventual departure of Milinkovic, to the money he could generate. Mister X has been revealed: it is Iyenoma Destiny Udogie of Udinese, 19 years old, 1,87 in height, among the revelations of the last season, also called up by Mancini in the May stage. Marcelo will also have been proposed, has never really been considered. Sarri wants people running. Udogie plays offensive winger in 3-5-2, the coach likes him, he also sees him as full-back, like Lazzari. He has a very high valuation of 20 million. On him there were Juve, Inter (later went to Bellanova) and Tottenham. Udinese would like to keep him one more year, the right offer would change Pozzo’s mind. There would already have been an exploratory survey. “


Milan, CdS: “Rossoneri on the defensive, like Tanganga, but not only”

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Milan, CdS: “Rossoneri on the defensive, like Tanganga, but not only”