Lazio, CdS: “Sarri wants a team that always wants to win”

LAZIO, CDS- As the CdS reports today, the Lazio team really has its future in hand in the next home game tonight.

Lazio, CdS: “Sarri wants a team that always wants to win”

Old habits and Sarri understood. Not only. He has the wisdom and sensitivity of the football man. A revolutionary elected as a symbol, indeed hope, by the people of Lazio. But Inzaghi’s feats remain indelible. “I don’t think anyone should be canceled. When a person has done the good of Lazio, he must always be remembered with great esteem and affection. Important cycle, he was already one of the six or seven most important coaches in Italy when he worked here. He now he trains a superior team. My job is not cancel Inzaghi, but I say get results, behave in the right way and be loved by the people of Lazio ». He did it quickly. He feels Lazio. He ferocious jaw, thinking back to Lautaro’s protests a year ago, Felipe’s goal surrounded by Inter, the comeback poisoned by an episode that maybe tonight will weigh. «That goal was absolutely right also from a moral point of view, not only for the regulation. It was enough that they didn’t shoot at goal ». You will need a compact, tough team, ready to fight on every ball. “I expect an angry Lazio, I cannot affect the rest, what Inter will do does not concern me.”

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